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hydropower is made by water from water dams an proccessed by i think machines. some one please write a logical answer because i need to know this for a science project!!!

ok ok. hydropower is made by dams moving water. they have a spining thing, which is called turbines, at the bottom of the dam that spins when water moves past it. that creates power or electricity, i think. so yea. the faster the turbines spin the more power it produces. i hope that helps

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Q: How is Hydropower processed?
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What does hydropower do?

Hydropower creates electricity.

-Slogan for hydropower?

Hydropower: The greenest of the Green!

What is International Hydropower Association's motto?

International Hydropower Association's motto is 'Advancing Sustainable Hydropower'.

Is hydropower expensive?

Hydropower is very expensive to build!

What technology is needed to harvest hydropower?

Hydropower technology

What is the purpose of hydropower?

The purpose of hydropower is to generate electricity.

How many hydropower stations are there in India?

HydroPower Stations - 35

Is hydropower a renewable energy source?

yes hydropower is renewable. renewable means it will be there for ever. as long as water is on the earth we will have hydropower.

Disadventages of hydropower?

my oppinan is that hydropower is a disadvantage because it can be very exspencive

Which source of energy is hydropower?

The source of energy that is hydropower is falling or running water. China, Canada, Brazil and America are the biggest producers of hydropower. Niagara Falls is one of the largest hydropower sources in the world.

What type of energy source is hydropower?

Hydropower is potential and kinetic energy source.

How was hydropower invented and how was it used today?

the hydropower was used by greeks and in 250 b.c

How is hydropower brought into homes?

Dams produce hydropower which goes into the electrical grid for you to use.

Is Hydropower inexhaustible?

heck yes what do you think i am, insane! as long as there is water flowing there will be hydropower.

Is hydropower a chemical energy?

No, hydropower is not chemical energy. It is potential plus kinetic energy.

Who invented hydropower?


What percent of energy does hydropower make?

Globally, hydropower generates 20 percent of the world's electricity

How has hydropower been used in the past?

Hydropower has been used in the past: watermills, sawmills, lifts, ect.

Who inventered hydropower?

Arguable... the first form of hydropower may be considered to be the waterwheel. In which case the inventor is unknown.

Why does society use hydropower?

Society uses hydropower to save electricity and to create it while saving our environment ! :]

Where is hydropower located?

Hydropower can be located all over the place. Just check an open area with a river.

Who uses hydropower?

about 5 to 10% of power comes from hydropower so about 5 to 10% of the united states or contries

Where is hydropower found?

In Washington!

Is hydropower safe?


How is hydropower formed?