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The difference is in the name; nuclear power plants produce electricity via a nuclear reaction producing head to turn a turbine, whereas coal fired power plants burn coal to produce the same efffect.

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Q: What is the difference between a nuclear power station and coal fired power station?
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Describe 6 difference method of producing electricity?

Hydro electricity (Water power) Diesel generator Coal fired power station Nuclear power station Gas fired power station Wind turbine generators.

Which type of power station uses chemical energy to generate electricity coal fired or nuclear?

Coal fired

What is the process of changing energy?

In a nuclear or fossil fired power station, nuclear or chemical energy is changed to thermal energy, which is changed to mechanical energy, which is then changed to electrical energy

Describe the working of a thermal power station.?

1. Heat energy is produced by burning fossil fuel in a furnace or from the fission of uranium in nuclear or by hot gas in a gas-fired power station

What is the nearest power station to darlington?

Darlington power station refers to a series of two coal-fired power stations situated in Darlingtonin County Durham, North East England.

When was the first nuclear bomb fired?


What facilities does a gas fired power station require that a wood fired power station does not?

A secure pipeline or secure storage tanks to hold the gas.

What is the largest coal fired power station?

kendal power station in south Africa

What are disadvantages of of gas fired power station?


How does cape town generate its electricity?

Electricity is generated by a Nuclear Power Station, but it is insufficient to meet all the City's needs. There are no longer any coal fired Power Stations in Cape Town, and the electricity required to supplement the output of the Nuclear power station is transmitted from further up country by the national utility, known as ESKOM.

What are the kind of power plant?

Coal fired, Nuclear Power, Gas Fired, Hydro, Wind Power.

What is the difference between 7.62x51 and 308 caliber?

Neck angles, headspacing, pressure generated by the cartridge when fired.

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