How is Japanese anime processed?

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some animes are drawn by hand then scanned into the computer for editing and putting some details, some are drawn in the computer, then they animate it, just like several pieces of paper that are flipped thouroghly (i think)

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Q: How is Japanese anime processed?
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Was anime created by the Japanese?

Yes , anime is a Japanese creation .

What does the word anime mean in English?

'Anime' is the Japanese abbreviation of animation .Anime is the Japanese abbreviation for animation.

Is anime a little Chinese made but more Japanese?

Anime is purely Japanese. Not Chinese at all.

What do the Japanese believe in?


What country did anime originate?

Anime Originated From The Japanese. (Japan =) )

Who was anime made by?

Anime is made by Japanese animation companies .

Is anime the same as manga?

No. I'm a big fan of anime and manga and the difference is that anime is Japanese animation and manga is Japanese comics.

What is the Japanese word for anime?

Anime is technically the Japanese word. The word began as "animation" from English. When it went over to Japan, the word condensed to "anime" (because Japanese like to condense words). The word began to be used for what we know anime today as. Then, the Japanese animations, now called "anime" crossed over to the US and other countries. Therefore, Anime is technically Japanese, but also English :P

What is a good name for an anime?

Depends on what kind of anime it is. can be anything in Japanese as long as its based on what the anime is about

What is the best anime studio for creating Japanese anime?

Songebob Mom

Is anime from Japan?

Yes, anime is the Japanese abbreviated pronunciation of animation.

Does an anime have to be Japanese to be an anime?

No, it does not have to be Japanese but... Japanese dubbed is genuine for most animesedit: anime has always been a passion for the Japanese and most animes these days are being produced by people in japan and personally, i think that Japanese subbed animes sound better than English dubbed animes.> Anime is distinctively a Japanese product with cultural references exclusively Japanese .

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