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How is Japanese anime processed?


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some animes are drawn by hand then scanned into the computer for editing and putting some details, some are drawn in the computer, then they animate it, just like several pieces of paper that are flipped thouroghly (i think)


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Yes , anime is a Japanese creation .

Yes it is .. it's an anime .. it has a manga series ...yes, Naruto is Japanese because he's an anime. and anime are Japanese cartoons. so he has to be Japanese.

'Anime' is the Japanese abbreviation of animation .Anime is the Japanese abbreviation for animation.

There are many websites that stream Japanese anime online, to specify try searching for your anime in raw (this means no subtitles and its in Japanese).

A dubbed anime is an anime edited so that the characters speak in the language of the viewer, rather than in Japanese. On the other hand, subbed anime is anime in Japanese, with subtitles of the viewers language. Pure japanese anime is referred to as the RAW version.

Anime is purely Japanese. Not Chinese at all.

No, it is not the same. Anime is a art, it’s Japanese cartoon. A manga is a book version of anime. A manga is like a comic book. But a manga is considered anime, but they are not the same

Anime is technically the Japanese word. The word began as "animation" from English. When it went over to Japan, the word condensed to "anime" (because Japanese like to condense words). The word began to be used for what we know anime today as. Then, the Japanese animations, now called "anime" crossed over to the US and other countries. Therefore, Anime is technically Japanese, but also English :P

Anime Originated From The Japanese. (Japan =) )

Anime is made by Japanese animation companies .

umm, animation? it's originated from japan? The word "anime" is Japanese for the English "animation". Anime is the Japanese equivalent of cartoons, so it is fitting.

Although I wouldn't consider Link "anime," Link was created by Nintendo, a Japanese company. Therefore, I guess he would be considered anime.

In my suggestion, it probably isn't but anime means Japanese cartoon and I don't know if they English dubbed it (because anime is always first in Japanese.)

Not only is it cartoons made by the Japanese , it is the style of it that makes it anime, also most animes are created from mangas or Japanese comic books.

Depends on what kind of anime it is. can be anything in Japanese as long as its based on what the anime is about

Yes, anime is the Japanese abbreviated pronunciation of animation.

No, it does not have to be Japanese but... Japanese dubbed is genuine for most animesedit: anime has always been a passion for the Japanese and most animes these days are being produced by people in japan and personally, i think that Japanese subbed animes sound better than English dubbed animes.> Anime is distinctively a Japanese product with cultural references exclusively Japanese .

Pokemon is a Japanese anime. It originated there, and it was created by Satoshi Tajiri somewhere in 1995

there is only Japanese anime there is not Chinese!!! By the way, if you do watch anime, watch Shugo Chara!!!! -ja ne (bye bye) Actually there is more than just Japanese anime...and yes there is Chinese as well...but I will say this once more ANIME IS FROM JAPAN!

The word anime is an abbreviated pronunciation in Japanese of "animation"

It is the same anime, but it is in English(or another language) instead of Japanese.

its called hentai. japanese anime porn.

That is the correct spelling of "anime" (a Japanese visual art form).

It is NOT anime but Jhonen was influenced by Japanese anime.

Anime (アニメ) is a Japanese word for Japanese animation.

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