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Leona Lewis is fine but has been assulted rescently by someone who has been known to assult celebritys!

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What is Leona Lewis real name Leona Lewis or Louise Lewis?

Leona Lewis is her real name becaues on the Xfactor that was her name.

Why is Leona Lewis called Leona Lewis?

Leona is what her parents decided to name her when she was born. Lewis is her family surname.

Who is better alaxandra Burke or Leona Lewis?

leona lewis

Has Leona Lewis got kids?

Leona Lewis has no children.

Biography about Leona Lewis?

what did Leona Lewis do before she was famous

Does Leona Lewis have an accent?

Leona Lewis has a British accent.

Is Leona Louis Lewis engaged?

Leona Lewis is not engaged.

Is Leona Lewis a singer?

Yes, Leona Lewis is a singer.

Who are better One direction or Leona Lewis?

Leona Lewis

Who are better Leona Lewis or One Direction?

Leona Lewis

What is the birth name of Leona Lewis?

Leona Lewis's birth name is Leona Louise Lewis.

Leona Lewis msn?

Leona Lewis msn address is she usally goes on around 6 30

Who manages Leona Lewis?

Simon Cowell manages Leona Lewis.

What year was Leona Lewis born?

Leona Lewis was born in 1985

What country was Leona Lewis born?

Leona Lewis was born in England

Was Halo originally by Leona Lewis?

It was originally written for Leona Lewis.

What is Leona Lewis' full name?

Leona Louise Lewis.

Who is Leona Lewis' daughter?

Leona Lewis does not have any children.

What is the name of Leona Lewis' mother?

Leona Lewis' mother's name is Maria Lewis.

What type of music is Leona Lewis?

Leona Lewis performs pop music.

When was Leona Lewis born?

Leona Lewis was born on April 3, 1985.

Is Leona Lewis married?

No, Leona Lewis isn't married nor is she engaged.

Where does Leona Lewis lives?

Question:Where does Leona Lewis lives? Answer:She is Caliaforna

Who was runner up to Leona Lewis?

Leona Lewis was beaten by Ray Quinn

Has Leona Lewis done any films?

No! Leona Lewis is only a singer!