Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis)

How is Pink Eye treated?

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by going to your docs, and getting eye drops =)

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Is pink eye not deadly?

Pink eye is not deadly. Pink eye is an infection and can be treated if seen immediately by a professional.

How do you fix pink eye?

Pink Eye is an inflammation of the eye generally caused by an infection. It is usually treated with a topical anti-biotic.

What treats pink eye?

It depends on whether it's viral or bacterial. Viral pink eye just needs to run its course while bacterial pink eye should be treated with antibacterial eye drops. Go see your eye doctor!

Is pink eye serious?

It can be. It is a symptom of an infection of the eye, and that infection should be treated. It is possible that an untreated infection can damage the eye. Pink eye is also very contagious, so if you do not treat it, you will probably give it to someone else.

Watching Out for Symptoms of Pink Eye?

Pink eye is a common problem in young children. It can easily spread and can be very uncomfortable if not treated properly and promptly. People who are infected need to stay out of school and work until the problem is treated. The most noticeable symptom would be discharge from the eye as well as redness in and around the eye. If one has pink eye, he should immediately go to the doctor to be prescribed antibiotics.

If you get pink eye can you get it again?

Yes. Pink Eye is usually from an allergy or an infection (bacterial or viral). Allergies can be treated as can infections, but either case is never guaranteed to be repeated. After having had Pink Eye, your best bet would be prevention, so the incident(s) leading to contracting Pink Eye, be prevented or kept in check.

Will pink eye go away on its own?

1. allergic - treated with anti-allergy drops and cool wash-clothes 2. bacterial pink-ey - treated with antibacterial eye drops 3. viral - will last 7-10 days and there is no therapy except to 'grin and bear' it

What is pink eye?

Pink eye, a bacterial infection of the conjunctiva (the eyes' mucus membrane), is spread by physical contact (touching the bacteria then touching your eyes). Pink eye is very contagious and can spread to both eyes but can usually be treated with mild antibiotics. If you have pink eye, see a doctor and don'treturn to school or work until the redness decreased and the doctor says you're no longer contagious.

Can you use bacitracin in a dogs eye?

I did when my dog got pink-eye. I used the same ointment I had for it, and itworked fine.NO! If your dog has an eye problem, see a veterinarian and have it properly diagnosed and treated.

Where did pink eye come from?

pink eye is conjunctivitus.

How to deal with pink eye?

get pink eye drops

Does pink eye hurt?

Pink eye can hurt a little but mainly pink eye just itches a lot.

Is tobradex for pink eye?

Yes. It is for pink eye. It is an antibiotic and will not help any pink eye caused by a virus.

What are signs that you have pink eye?

You have a pink eye and your eye(s) water(s).

Does Tobramycin 0.3 Eye Drop get rid of pink eye?

yes, I have used it for pink eye and it worked. It only works for pink eye caused by bacteria though. It does not treat viral pink eye.

Will pink eye affect your vision if not treated ASAP?

Pink eye is also known as viral conjunctivitis. This is not a sight threatening condition. It is self limiting so will usually resolve of its own accord within a week to 10 days.

How do you stop pink eye?

How to stop pink eye have sex!

Home remedies for pink eye?

try not to get pink eye :)

Can ball pits give you pink eye?

Only if the balls are encrusted in pink eye crust, or if you have pink eye already.

Can eyes be pink and not be pink eye?

It depends if your eye is itching to have pink eye, if it's not itching see an eye doctor. you could also probably get contacts for pink eyes. but be careful!

Does your eye have to pink to have pink eye?

No your eye does not have to be pink or red to have pink eye. Pink eye is when your eye itches really bad, and when you keep your eye closed for a long period of time, it gets crusted shut (disgusting..). Well theres your answer, hope you don't have pink eye! Its not a fun thing to have, and don't itch it, that will only make it worse! Go to the doctors and they may give you something to treat the itching until the pink eye goes's been proven you cannot give yourself pink eye.

Can you get pink eye from cheese?

No. You can only get pink eye but touching your eye with dirty hands.

Is it possible for a fish to get pink eye?

yes but there eye will not be pink it will be kind of a redish eye?

What if your eye is pink but you do not have pink eye?

If your eye is pink and you don't have pink eye, you may have broken a blood vessel. It will clear up in a few days. You could also have allergies or be tired or stressed out.

How long is pink eye contagious?

Pink eye is contagious for as long as symptoms are present. If the eye is still red, swollen, and teary, you can catch pink eye.