How is a camera made?

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The lens is made of glass and plastic (or groups of glass elements) and focuses light passing through it on film to reproduce an image. The diaphragm is an opening or aperture that controls the amount of light entering the camera from the lens and so limits the film's exposure to light.

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Q: How is a camera made?
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What is the smallest miniature camera ever made?

The smallest miniature camera ever made was called a smallest mini DV. It is known to be the smallest camera ever made in the world. This camera was made in China.

Where was the first video camera made?

The first video camera was made in England

What is the Sutton Panoramic Camera?

The sutton panaromic camera was a camera made in 1859.

What year was it when the first camera was made?

The first camera was made in 1685 according to my research.

Where was the instanted camera made?

the instant camera was made in Cambridge,Massachusetts

When was first camera made?

The first was made in the 4th century BC called a "camera obsura",but the camera that was more like what we have today was in 1839.

Why is the Kodak camera important?

Kodak camera is important because it was the first camera ever made.

Can a Sony camera lens be used with cameras made by other manufacturers?

It is not recommended to use a different model camera lens on a camera. Camera's and accessories such as camera lens are made by manufacturers to support their own products. Use of an sony camera lens on a differen model camera may void the warranty.

Differences between eye and camera?

eyes are made from god and it is naturally, Camera is men made . that is between them.

What date was the camera made?

It was made in 1653

Why was the camera created?

the camera was made to capture a moment in time quickly.

When was the first digtal camera made?

the first digtal camera was in 1918

Why doesn't the iPod 3 have a camera?

Because it wasn't made with a camera.

What was the first camera ever made?

The first camera ever made was called a daguerreotype and was made in 1839 by a french man, Louis Daguerre.

When was the waterproof camera made?

The first mass produced waterproof camera was made in the 1958. It was called the Mako Shark

When and where was the oldest camera made?

in 1827 the first camera was made, and first photo taken, was blurry but we should appreciate it!

Who invented the camera Johann Zahn or George Eastman?

Johann Zahn made the first portable camera but an Iraqi scientist by the name of "Ibn al-Haytham" made the first REAL camera. He called it the "camera obscura". Then an Irish scientist Robert Doyle and his assistant Robert Hooke made the portable camera obscura.

What year was the first Kodak camera made?

The first Kodak camera was manufactured in 1888. It was a simple camera for consumers.

How is a photograph made?

With a camera

When were camera's made?


Who made the camera?

Ibnu al Haytham

What year was the Video Camera made in?

it was made in 1956

What is the difference between a video camera and a digital still camera?

Video camera is used to record motions and still camera are made to save stagnant images.

Which is the highest megapixel camera on the world?

You can buy a 120mp camera for $37,000 which is the highest resolution camera that has been made to date

How does a camera work underwater?

A camera that works underwater typically has special housing that allows it to function in the water. These housings are usually made from aluminum or plastic and protect the camera from the water. The best waterproof camera is probably made from the brand Nikon.