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In a caucus the party members gather together for face-to-face meetings in each precinct. Different caucuses operate differently. For example, Republicans at each of the 1,784 precincts of the Iowa caucus meet up, and after discussion, place their vote into a hat by secret ballot. The Iowa Democrats have a much more interesting process. At each precinct the voters gather into "preference groups" and then try to convince others to join their group. Groups that don't pass a "viability threshold" of usually between 15% and 25% must disband and the individuals must join one of the remaining groups. At the end the delegates are apportioned according to the size of each preference group.

All states (and before that, colonies) used to vote by caucus. However in many places the caucuses turned too corrupt, and were then replaced by other systems. The more common system today is the primary, where people walk into an election booth and cast a vote.

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All party members get to vote in the presidential primaries whereas they do not in the caucus system.

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National convention is 4 days long, caucus is one

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A caucus is a meeting of people to decide a candidate. A direct primary is when everyone votes according to their political party as a whole state. The caucus is local.

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Q: How is a caucus different than a primary?
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Ten States will hold a primary or caucus on March 6.

Why would the Texas primary be called a caucus?

Texas does not call there primary a caucus. They actually have both, held on the same day. Some of the delegates are awarded through the primary process, and some of the delegates are determined through the caucus.

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It would depend on which country you are referring to.

Why doesn't every state have a presidential caucus?

Whether a state has a presidential caucus actually depends on the government. Some states will have a primary and some will have a caucus

Who pays for a primary and caucus election?

the candidates

Why does Iowa have a caucus and not a primary?

Iowa doesnt have a primary because it is usually the bigger states who have primaries, the smaller states usually get together to decide the states candidate, which is what a caucus is.

Where will the Texas caucus take place?

At he local precints after the primary/

Do most states use primary election or caucus?

primary election, got this from my text book!

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