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Both Checking Accounts and Savings Accounts are basic types of bank accounts provided by banks to their customers. The difference is:

a. There are limitations on the number of trasactions that can be performed in a savings account on a per month basis whereas for checking accounts there are no limitations

b. The interest rate offered by banks on savings account is much higher than what is offered on checking accounts because banks offer almost no interest in them


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Savings account has a higher interest rate than a checking account

It's easier to spend the money in a checking account.

"A high interst checking account is a type of checking account that earns interest. Usually these accounts have higher interest than a regular checking account, but not as high as a savings account."

Business checks are just what they sound like, a checking account that banks offer for companys or business, they may have different fees, features and benefits than a personal checking account.

A savings account may pay higher interest rate than a checking account. Also, you don't have bounced checks, and NSF fees, normally.

Well first of all a checking account is much better than a savings account and that is how it is better

Most checking accounts have no fees. Savings account has more fees than checking accounts because of the higher interest yields available in a savings account.

Yes, you can get a free online checking account if you deposit more than 1000 dollars

Yes you can. It would be limited because when you use your debit card it checks for your balance in the checking account. If you you have it linked to your saving or to a credit card than it will reduce your savings account first and then charge the credit card.

There are several benefits from opening and maintaining a business checking account rather than using your personal checking account. When you use a business checking account you are segregating your business funds from your personal funds, thus creating better organization for your business. Also, having the business checking account will help at tax time because all your business transactions will be within the business checking account and there will be no need to sort through your personal transactions. Finally, the business checking account will allow you to use a taxpayer identification number (TIN) so the funds can legally be owned by your business, instead of using your social security number on the checking account. For a small business, opening a business checking account allows you to get more interests. In addition, transactions are processed faster compared to a personal account.

Specially there are2 type of bank accounts that we generally consider that are as follow: 1.Saving Account:- used by any customers who has an account in that bank, generally used for saving deposit also for primary salary account. 2. current/Checking account :Generally given to the bank's primary customer. the benefit of this account is that a customer can transfer a large amount and might be a greater sum than their original account balance.

Some companies that will allow one to open a checking account other than a bank are: Think Money, First Direct, Second Chance Checking Account, Post Office Account, Cash Plus, eccount Money, Secure Trust Bank.

The secret to saving money is to put more in the account than you withdraw from the account.

Banks will offer checking account deals to lure in new customers. The deals can be anything from better than normal interest rates, bonus amounts in your account or bonus add-ons to your account.

Money deposited on the checking account can be recalled at any time while money deposited on the saving account can be recalled after an agreed on interval or period. This gives the bank the opportunity to plan and re-invest the saved money in short or long term projects.

A checking account is an account where cash can be quickly withdrawn with the use of checks or debit cards. A current account is a financial asset account in accounting in which assets can be easily made liquid or have a turnover period of less than a year.

The purpose of a checking account statement, or any type of account statement for that matter, is to keep track of your account and make sure that no fraudulent activity is happening without your knowledge. Better to be safe than sorry!

This way the money that you put into the bank account will be saved rather than given away.

With most banks, you are able to have multiple checking accounts at the same institution. The best idea would have to be to check with the bank in question, though. All banks are different.

Savings accounts usually have higher interest earning rates as the money is more stable than a checking account whose balance fluctuates with income and expenses.

It means that more than one person is authorised to write cheques on that account.

Yes, there are banks that allow you to sign up for a checking account online although the process may take a bit longer than just going into a branch.

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