How is a clock important?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: How is a clock important?
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Why is the alarm clock important?

alarm clock is important to wake people up. when they sleeping they need to wake up early or late they use it.

Why is clock very important?

because these is where we can see the time

What are clock inputs?

A clock input is a regular periodic pulse that can be used as a trigger to sequence timing-important activities.

Why are mechanical clock important?

because it's very important for us.ya that's y

Why was the clock important to the Sumerians?

The clock is important to the Sumerian's because it helped them measure time and it helped them know what time to work, what time to work, what time to sleep and what time to have fun with your family.

What is ancient china mechanical clock?

Mechanical clock was important to china becausse it helped them be able to use time than the dials....

Why is zinc important to power a clock?

As one of the constituents in common batteries.

What is the importance of the clock?

it is important because it tells us what is the time of the day

Why is it important to stir H2O2 in the iodine clock reaction?

The motivation is to accelerate the reaction.

Why does flavor flav wear the clock?

so he knows when it's party time<---- Flav wears to clock to symbolize that time is important and it is fleeting and we should respect it.

Who invented the clock and why is it important?

Jost Burigi, and it is important because it allows you to tell time, and if you want to plan something out on a specific time, you look at the clock It has revolutionized communication and facilitated modern travel, talk, appointments, TV, etc. Without the clock, we would not be able to identify time across places without sundials.

Why was the establishment of CNN in 1980 so important?

because they offered new round the clock.