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A colloid has particles spread out through evenly (eg. Yarra river in Melbourne, Australia- it's brown). An emulsion is a mixture.

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Is mayonnaise colloid?

Mayonnaise is a colloid (emulsion).

Is salt water a colloid emulsion solution or suspension?

Is salt water a colloid emulsion solution or suspension?

Is mayo a colloid?

Yes, the mayonnaise is a colloid (stable emulsion).

Is icecream a substance?

It is a colloid as it is an emulsion. :]

Is mayonnaise a colloid emulsion solution or suspension?

Mayonnaise is a emulsion, using an emulsifier.

Are emulsions and colloids the same thing?

An emulsion is a type of colloid, but a colloid is not necessarily an emulsion. Other types of colloids include foams and gels.

Is homogenized milk a suspension or a colloid?

Milk is a type of colloid called emulsion.

What type of colloid is butter?

Butter is an emulsion.

Is mayonnaise a colloidal?

Yes, mayonnaise is a colloid (emulsion).

What type of solution is the blood?

-suspension -colloid -sols -emulsion

What are the types of colloid?

the types are aerosol,foam,gel,sol,and emulsion

Heterogenous mixture with no settling occur?

A colloid or Emulsion, I don't recall witch~

What are the milk nature in solution or suspension?

Milk is an emulsion (liquid-liquid colloid).

Is salad dressing a solution or a suspension?

its a suspension. more specifially a colloid. emulsion.

What is the difference between colloid and emulsion?

An emulsion is where the dispersed phase and the continuous medium are both liquids. Typically the liquids are immiscible. An examples of emulsions are vinaigrette, (vegetable oil and vinegar) A colloid is a more general term for a dispersed phase and continuous phase system, examples are fog liquid/gas colloid; pumice; gas solid foam. An emulsion is a special case of this.

Is paint a suspension?

It depends on the paint. Oil paint is a suspension, emulsion paint is a colloid.

How is mayonnaise a colloid?

Because the emulsion particles have dimensions under 1 000 nm.

Are particles in a colloid soluble?

No, one common type of colloid is an emulsion and it is a mixture of a liquid in a liquid where one does not dissolve in the other. A substance that does not dissolve is insoluble.

Is hand cream a mixture or substance?

A hand cream is a mixture. To be more specific it is a liquid emulsion colloid. A colloid is a mixture that is in between heterogeneous and homogeneous.

What are liquids that are unable to dissolve in one another called?

They are called an Emulsion. Although the terms colloid and emulsion are sometimes used interchangeably, emulsion tends to imply that both the dispersed and the continuous phase are liquid.

Is salad dressing emulsions or colloid?

Salad dressing is an emulsion and a colloid. - My advice is forget about the big words and just call it "salad dressing"

Is milk a substance or compound?

Milk is a substance; specifically, milk is a colloid mixture called an emulsion.

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