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Q: How is a high and low pitch sounds produced in a range of instruments?
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WHich string instrument can create the largest variety of sounds?

The harp has the broadest range of sounds of any string instruments.

How is the pitch varied on a drum kit?

Drum kits are not pitch-specific. The tones produced by a drum kit are meant to supplement other instruments in an ensemble with a percussive similarity to the tones produced by other members of the ensemble. The range of the drum kit is something to be noted. Oftentimes in an ensemble, the drum kit has the widest range in pitch, with the kick drum being the lowest, and the snare drum being the highest. The cymbals and toms fill in mid-ranges.

What do you call sound of higher pitch than your range of hearing?

Ultrasonic sounds

What are the elements of music in the 19th century?

The elements of music in the 19th century range from sounds to instruments. Marching bands for example were becoming very popular and so were brassy sounds.

What effect do tweeters have in speakers?

A tweeter is the type of speaker which produces the highest range frequency. This means the tweeters produced the highest sounds in pitch. They work along with the subwoofers and other parts of the speakers so you can hear the entire sound.

The range of which Bowed-stringed instrument with the highest pitch?

The order of bowed string instruments from highest to lowest range is: Violin Viola Cello Double Bass

Which instrument makes sound with the lowest frequencies?

Acoustic instruments such as the double bass, contrabassoon, tuba, contrabass clarinet, sub-contrabass saxophone, etc. generally have the lowest ranges. A grand piano has the largest range of all acoustic instruments (more than eight octaves), and can produce the same notes of most other acoustic instruments. Electronic instruments (i.e. synthesizers) can produce any pitch programmed into them, so, technically, they are able to produce the lowest frequency sounds.

Are brass instruments high or low pitch?

They can be both high and low pitch. There are brass instruments that are considered "high voices" like trumpets, there are brass instruments that are considered "middle voices" like french horns, and then there are brass instruments that are considered "low voices" like trombones, euphoniums, and tubas. All brass instruments have a pretty large range of pitches they can play depending on how good the player is, so the pitches can greatly vary.

What are the instruments in the woodwind family which are in the middle range?

The clarinet and the alto saxophone are both mid-range instruments.

Which 3 woodwind instruments play in the middle range?

what 3 woodwind instruments play in the middle range

Does the trupet have a low or high sound?

Trumpets are in the higher range of the brass family. If you are looking for lower sounds, there are other instruments such as Trombone, Baritone Horns, Tubas and more.

Which type of fish shares a name with a deep voice?

Bass Sounds like "Base" when you are referring to the vocal range. It has a pitch of about E2 to E4