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I personally think they use factories and then make the wafers, put a Milk Chocolate coat around the wafer and between each layer, they somehow shape the word "kit-kat" for the milk chocolate and then they somehow make it dry up, wrap it in a red wrapper and place them in brown packages, seal them, and then deliver them to stores or something like that.

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How many types of Kit Kat's are there?

there are many different types of kit kat. You have: Kit kat original Kit kat crunchy Kit kat soft Kit kat malt :):) hope i helped

When was the Kit Kat made?


In Which company made kit kat?

The Hershey Company , in the US , produces the 'Kit Kat' bar whereas internationally the candy bar is made by Nestle .

Where did kit-kat originate from?

The Kit Kat was originally made in the south east of London (UK), at Rowntree Factory. It was invented in September 1935, as a four finger Kit Kat bar.

The kit kat slogan is what?

Have a Break Have a Kit Kat

What is kit kat?

A Kit kat is a chocolate bar.

When was the first kit kat made?

in 1935 !! i think !!

Why should you eat a kit-kat?

You don't have to eat a kit kat, it is your choice.

Is kit kat made with marshmallows?

No way! The Kit-Kat chocolate bar is a chocolate wafer covered with a yummy chocolate coat. I LUV IT!!

Is kit kat vegetrairian?

Yes Kit kat is vegatarian.

Is there kit kat ice cream?

Yes there are their is Kit Kat ice cream sold in a tub and there is Kit Kat Drumsticks.

How many calories in a Kitkat bar?

== == Normal Kit Kat - 107 Double Kit Kat (Four fingers) - 214 Chunky Kit Kat - 263107 in a two finger Kit kat & 214 in a four finger Kit kat.

When was the kit-kat invented?

Kit Kat was introduced in 1935 .

When was the first Kit Kat candy bar made?

I In 1935

How many calories does a kit kat have?

Two finger kit kat: 107 calories. Four finger kit kat: 214 calories.

Have a break have a kit kat?

'Have a break... have a Kit Kat' is the slogan for the chocolate product, Kit Kat. The slogan is referring to the idea that whenever you have a time to put your feet up, or generally rest, you have time to eat a Kit Kat.

Are Kit Kat bars vegetarian?

No. Kit Kat bars includes whey, which comes from cheese made with animal rennet. Animal rennet comes from a calf's stomach.

How many sins in a 4 finger kit kat?

2 finger kit kat=5.5 Syns. 4 finger kit kat=11 Syns.

Is Kit kat peanut suitable for vegetarians?

If it is made in the uk then Yes.

Who made kit kat fair-trade?

bob marly

How many grams of sugar are in a kit kat?

Five grams of sugar are in a kit kat.

When was the first kit kat advert?

The first Kit kat advert was back in 1957.

When was the chocolate Kit Kat founded?

Rowntree's Chocolate Crisp was the original name for the Kit Kat Bar, was invented in the United Kingdom in 1911. It wasn't named Kit Kat (full name was Kit Kat Chocolate Crisp) in 1937.

What is inside a kit-kat-kat?

Inside is a cream filled wafer.

Who invented kit kat chunky?

It was a dreary November night, then suddenly, Kit Kat Chunky.