How is a liquid different from a oxygen?


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Oxygen can be liquid or a gas. It is just a different state of matter.

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No. Liquid oxygen and gaseous oxygen are the same substance, just in different states.

Liquid oxygen is a liquid. Oxygen becomes a liquid at temperatures between about 50.5 K and 90.2 K (really cold). However, in business, liquid oxygen (still technically a liquid) is classified as an industrial gas. There is also a commercial product called liquid oxygen, AKA "stabilized" or "aerobic" oxygen, that is also a liquid, but it is not oxygen.

liquid hydrogen is cheaper than liquid oxygen

No. is is the liquid state of the element Oxygen.

Liquid oxygen is a pale blue.

Liquid oxygen is an industrial product.

liquid Oxygen is blue in color.The liquid oxygen is blue incolour because of unpaired electron in it.

They have different condensation points. Oxygen will turn into a liquid at a higher temperature than helium.

No liquid oxygen is not a conductor :D xxx

the compound water made up of hydrogen and oxygen. hydrogen and oxygen both are gas. but the compound water is liquid

Liquid oxygen--oxygen that is stored in a large stationary tank that stays in the home.

no, liquid oxygen is very cold -297.3°F

Density of liquid oxygen=1.141 g/cm3

Oxygen could be both - liquid and gas.

Liquid oxygen is oxygen that has been cooled to extremely low temperatures so that it condenses.

Hydrogen and oxygen are both gases at room temperature, while water is a liquid at room temperature.

Liquid water, oxygen atmosphere, 'big' moon ... and it has life on it.

You get a mixture of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen. If this is done at ordinary atmospheric pressures, the oxygen will probably freeze, since its melting point is above the boiling point of liquid hydrogen. (I'm not sure of the solubility of solid oxygen in liquid hydrogen.)

Modern day "liquid" rocket fuel is made from liquid oxygen and kerosene, or liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen.

There are 341.8 liters of gaseous oxygen in 1 pound of liquid oxygen.

No liquid oxygen does not conduct electricity :D xxx

No; it is an extreme danger, the temperature of liquid oxygen is -218,79 oC.

Liquid oxygen has a molar mass of 32.00 g mol(-1). It has a pale blue liquid appearance.

No. Gasoline is a mixture of hydrocarbons. Liquid oxygen is oxygen that has been cooled to extremely low temperatures.

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