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How is a loyalist different from a patriot?


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loyalist are rich and patriots aren't.

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a patriot not a loyalist he was a patriot

well the loyalist is very loyal and the patriot doesn't have enough take backs to for fill his own self.

ben Franklin was a patriot, not loyalist.

was harriet tubman a patriot or a loyalist

a loyalist would say a patriot is lucky.

A patriot is a free colonist. And a loyalists is a kind of slavery from Britain or British

He happens to be a loyalist

I believe he was a loyalist.

1.you can persuade a patriot to become a loyalist by 1 taxes 2

At first Johnny is a loyalist in the middle of the book he is neutral in the end he is a Patriot!!

a loyalist stayed loyal to England. a patriot is someone who fought for the colones.

I'm thinking he was a loyalist.

John Andre was a loyalist.

A Patriot was someone who wanted independence from Britain. A Loyalist wanted to remain as a British colony.

Patric Henry was a patriot.

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