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How is a one dollar bill made?

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There's a lot of information available at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing's website

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Is a one dollar bill and one hundred dollar bill made of the same material?

All US bills are made of the same material.

What is the highest dollar bill made in circulation?

The one hundred.

What president is on the million dollar bill?

The US never made one million dollar bills.

Is a zillion dollar bill fake?

No, it's not really fake nor counterfeit at all, because no one has made a fake zillion dollar bill!

What is the most popular dollar bill?

The one dollar bill.

Is the thousand dollar bill still made?

The 1,000 dollar bill was discontinued in 1964.

What dollar bill is George Washington's face on?

it was on the 1 dollar bill

What is slang for one dollar bill?

the slang for a one dollar bill is a "buck" or a "dalla"

What coin and dollar bill is Lincoln on?

The five dollar bill and the Lincoln Penny is what Lincoln is on. The dollar bill was made in honor of his presidency.

Who made the 1000000 dollar bill?

there is no 1000000 bill

Which president is on a dollar bill?

George Washington is on the one dollar bill.

What is the most commonly used dollar bill?

one dollar bill?

Why is a dollar bill worth one dollar?

Dollar bills are not always worth one dollar, however one dollar bills are worth one dollar for the sake that 1=1, it is a one dollar bill, and can be exchanged for goods and services.

How can you make 16 dollars using exactly and only 3 bills?

you use one ten dollar bill, one five dollar bill, and one one dollar bill.

How much is a Old large one dollar bill worth?

One dollar bill silver dollar ,year is 1923

Can a fifty dollar bill be made from a five dollar bill?

only if you have amazing counterfeiting talent :-)

What is the value of a 1967 US one dollar bill?

Check the date again. US dollar bills were not made in 1967.

What is a completely pink 2006 one dollar bill worth?

I is worth nothing. A dollar store probably made it for a joke.

Who made a 1million dollar bill?

That is actually not a million dollar bill note, but makes million dollar bills.

What are examples of current Canadian Values?

lonnie (1$) toonie (2$) five dollar bill ten dollar bill twenty dollar bill fifty dollar bill and the one hundred dollar bill

How many pictures in a one dollar bill?

there are about 3 pictures in the dollar bill

What dollar bill is on jdogs mask from Hollywood undead?

its a one dollar bill

Which president is on the dollar bill?

George Washington is on the US one-dollar bill.

Who is on the 1000000 dollar bill?

There is no one million dollar bill and never has been.

Who was on 1million dollar bill?

No one is on the million dollar bill because it does not exist.