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Phloem is the type of cell that delivers nutrients throughout a plant. Inside phloem cells are specialized cells called sieves that help transport these nutrients.

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Is phloem a plant or animal cell?

phloem is a plant cell

How are xylem and phloem specialised?

xylem transports water around the plant whilst the phloem is responsible for transporting nutrients. ^ horible answer ^ the xylem is specialised by it has pits in the sides of it so the water can flow sideways and in the roots the xylem is cross shaped so it is strong.

Is a blood cell a specialised cell?


Is a nerve cell a specialised cell?


Is a pollen cell a specialised cell?

Yes it is

What are phloem vessels made of?

Phloem consists for a sieve tube and a companion cell

Is there a nucleus in phloem cell?

yes, in the companion cell

What is a sieve phloem?

The cells having sieve like perforations in their cell walls present in phloem are the sieve tubes of the phloem.

A specialised nerve cell?


What is palisade cell specialised to do?

turn you on.

What is the largest plant cell?


Is a red blood cell a specialised cell?

yes, in that it has no plasticity.

What are the specialised cells in animal cell and plant cell?


Which cell found in phloem tissue has a nucleus?

companion cell

Why is a red blood cell a specialised cell?

its a specialised cell because its characteristics are adapted to its function. for example, the red blood cell is round and flat so it can carry oxygen efficiently

What is the life span of parenchyma cell?

The life span of phloem parenchyma is 1 year. Phloem parenchyma is a rectangular cell that is slightly larger than a companion cell.

What does a specialised cell do?

A specialised cell is for a sertain job. ie a red blood cell is to carry oxygen to the body.

What does cell specialism mean?

A cell which is Specialised to perfom a specfic function

What happens when a cell becomes specialized?

what happens when a cell becomes specialised

What do you call the group of specialised cell?


What is the most common specialised cell?


What is the name of a specialised nerve cell?


Name two specialised animal cell and one specialised plant cell?

Animal cells 1 . Musule cell 2 . red blood cell Plant cells 1. Guard Cells

Why do companion cells have nucleus?

for example phloem .... doesnt have a nucleus ... and it needs a nucleus to survive ... thats why they have a companion cell which have a nucleus for them ...if u try to separate the companion cell from the phloem the phloem will die after some time

How does the shape of the phloem cell enable it to do this?

It is trianglular and has spikes. Also the phloem cell structure is made up of many spirals which enables it to stay strong.