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It is one simple piece it does not need multiple pieces to make it.

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What type of simple machine is a screw-?

A screw is an example of the simple machine known as a wedge.

What simple machine is a carjack?

A carjack is a screw simple machine.

Which simple machine is the screw related to?

A Screw ...idiot

Why is a screw a simple machine and not a compound machine?

Compound machines are things that are made up of 1 or more simple machines. A screw isn't made up of any simple machines unless you count the screw as a simple machine.

Is a screw a complex machine?

No, it is a simple machine. You might mistunderstand that screw is a stick wrapped with inclined plane which is true, but it is still a simple machine.

Is a screwdriver an example of a simple machine?

Yes, a screw driver is a "simple machine".

Force you put into a simple machine?

Force put into a simple machine is a?

Is a coil a simple machine screw?

No because a screw is has a top and a winding bottom and a coil does not have a top and has a winding bottom so no a coil is not a simple machine screw.

What is considered a simple machine?

A screw.

Is screw a simple machine?


Is a screw gun a simple machine?


Why is a screw a simple machine?

A screw is a simple machine because it incorporates an inclined plane, which is one of the most basic machines used for centuries.The screw is considered a simple machine because it has an inclined plane that swirls up an around a nail.

What simple machine is a screw driver?

A screw driver is an inclined plane.

What is a disadvantage of a simple machine screw?

You need effort to beable to screw it in

Why is a screw an important simple machine?

Screw can modify force and motion.

What is the purpose of a simple machine screw?

the purpose of having a simple machine is to make life easier

How is a screw like a lever?

Its a simple machine

What is screw simple machine used do?


What kind of simple machine is a clamp?

It is a screw.

Simple machine with a slanted surface is what?

A screw

What simple machine does a drill implement?

A screw.

What kind of simple machine is a gearshift?


What kind of simple machine does a cooper screw have?

It is just simply a screw, because that is one of the simple machines.

What simple machine is part of a screw?

A wedge. It can be argued, in fact, that a screw is not really a simple machine in itself, as it is really a wedge wrapped around an axle.

How does the simple machine screw work?

The simple machine in this case is a wedge. The threads and cap of the screw work together to wedge two materials together.