How is a sheet made active on excel 2007?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Select the sheet.

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Q: How is a sheet made active on excel 2007?
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How is a sheet made active in Microsoft Excel?

Use Ctrl and Page Up or Ctrl and Page Down to switch between open worksheets.

What is the 3 letter file extension for Excel?

Normally xls is the extension for an Excel spreadsheet document.

I have made an excel sheet and want to lock certain cells to where they can not be typed in. Is there a way to do this to where I type in some cells and lock other cells?

Change the cell formatting to unprotect for the cells in which you want to type.Turn on protection for the entire sheet.

What is difference between an Excel XLR and XLS file?

The xlsx file extensions are from Excel 2007 whereas xls is used in the earlier versions of Excel.Thanks

How do you disable extended selection made in excel?

To disable extended selection mode in Excel 2007 you just need to press f4 function key once. <a href="">san angelo</a>

How many cells are there in a single Excel sheet?

In the Excel spreadsheet versions prior to 2002 or Office XP there are 65,536 rows and 256 columns , 65,536 x 256 = 16,777,216 cells or 'boxes'. Later versions of Excel have far more - millions of rows and thousands of columns. EDIT The latest version of Microsoft Excel that comes with Office 2007 has 17,179,869,184 cells in all. The columns are letter all the way to XFD and there are 1,048,576 rows.

Are there any differences between Microsoft Excel 2003 and 2007?

"Overall interface is the only difference." This statement wildly inaccurate and misleading! There are many substantial differences between Excel 2007 and Excel 2003. Your organization may incur major costs in converting to Excel 2007, especially if you have a large number of spreadsheets that are linked or make references to one another. The user interface is entirely new. You will likely find it takes you longer to do your work. The "learning curve" is substantial. It is very much like learning a new product. On the other hand, you may find some of the new features valuable after you have learned Excel 2007. Some features, such as pivot tables, have incompatibilities between the two versions. For example, Microsoft states: "PivotTables in Office Excel 2007 cannot be made interactive in earlier versions of Excel, and Office Excel 2007 does not downgrade the PivotTable version when earlier-version file formats are saved." If you publish excel tables to the web with the "Save As HTML to publish HTML", know that Excel 2007 makes major changes to this feature. You may have to change the way you work with this feature. Other features have been removed and are no longer available in Excel 2007. The official Microsoft answer to your question is located at a link below: Note that this site provides a marketing answer. As such it is incomplete since it does not present "negative" information or show adverse impacts, such as major costs associated with adopting Excel 2007, may have on your organization. Another answer is located here and is also given below. Note that this site, too, provides a "biased" answer since the site is from a company that sells "add-on" products for Excel 2007. But this site offers a great advantage to you: it has a table which lists specific features of Excel and shows the differences between the two versions and the impact of adopting Excel 2007. This site states that it includes information derived from user postings on news groups.

How far down does the sheet go in excel?

This made me laugh!! I got to zxx and i gave up, but it probably never ends they just make combinations of letters (or numbers depending on which way you're going.

When you copy data and paste in excel sheet it pasting only formulas not the data how can I copy the data when the content is formula made?

Use the Paste Special facility. From there you can then choose to paste the values, rather than the formulas.

The pillow is made for the sheet the same way the arm is made for what?

The pillow is made for the sheet in the same way the arm is made for the sleeve.

What is the difference between Microsoft 2007 and Microsoft 2010?

There are many differences between Excel 2003 and Excel 2007. Some of the changes in Excel 2007 are improvements. Some are strongly disliked by users of past releases of Excel. The following are some of our major findings when we compared Excel 2003 to Excel 2007.We do recommend that if you have Excel 2003, that you do a custom install of Excel 2007 and tell it to keep all prior versions. This will allow you to use your prior version if you need it. The default installation of Excel 2007 automatically removes all prior versions. We think having the prior versions around is a good thing.Why should you upgrade to 2007? There are a number of good reasons:Number of rows increased from 65,536 to 1,048,576.Number of columns increased from 256 to 16,384.You do a lot of graphics work and need the new graphics tools and options (although some complain about the built in defaults and data)You do a lot of pivot table work and need the new pivot table features in 2007You are receiving workbooks that are Excel 2007 workbooksMaximum number of function arguments increases from 30 to 255Formula length increases from 1000 to 8000 charactersNesting levels for formulae increased from 7 to 64Unlimited cell-conditioning formats64 sort levelsOffice XML Formats allow for better data integration between documents and back-end systems. Also, with Excel XML Formats, you can reduce file sizes, improve data recovery, and increase the interoperability of your spreadsheets with other data sources such as line-of-business systems.Business dashboards can be easily created from spreadsheets to track key performance indicator.You can import external data into a spreadsheet by using pre-configured external sources of business informationDevelopers can use the Office Excel 2007 calculation engine in other applications, such as a Web-based mortgage calculator or an options pricing model.Why should you stay with Excel 2003 (or an earlier version)The Excel 2007 interface is harder to use. More functions are visible on the new menu system but the lists of functions are longer so regular functions are more difficult to find.You are used to using Excel 2003. You will find that using Excel 2007 takes longer to do many of the tasks you used to do. This is part experience and part design. The first can be overcome, but it will take time. If you have used Excel 2003 for years.New file formats and file name suffixesFiles are largerNo Lotus123 support or conversion to versions before Excel v4Pre-Excel 2007 versions need additional drivers to read Excel 2007 filesNo change to any statistical functions between Excel 2003 and Excel 2007Macro recording of chart macros works very poorly in Excel 2007.What options do you have to overcome the above three problems?A number of companies sell products that add back the classic Excel menus to Excel 2007. In all cases, you do not get all the menu items as some have disappeared. And new features are not found on the new menus.If you do chart macros, you can always use Excel 2003 to record a macro and then copy it to Excel 2007. Some modifications may be necessary however to get the code to work correctly.If you are very statistically minded, see the review of Excel 2007 in "Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 52 (2008) 4568-4606" (, "On the accuracy of statistical procedures in Microsoft Excel 2007", McCullough and Heiser.

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