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because it has symbols to represent letter

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Q: How is a syllabary different from an alphabet?
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What is the name of the Cherokee alphabet?

Syllabary is what the Cherokee call their alphabet.

What is the name of the Cherokees alphabet?

Syllabary is what the Cherokee call their alphabet.

What are the letters in the Cherokee alphabet?

The Cherokee alphabet was syllabary. Given to the Cherokee by Seqouah a great Cherokee Indian

Is cuneiform a true alphabet?

No. It began as a pictographic system, and evolved into a syllabary.

Where did the Cherokee people live back then?

We don't need an alphabet; we already have a syllabary.

What did sequoyah call the white man's pages of writing?

syllabary or the alphabet

What did Sequoya do to be famous?

Sequoya created a "syllabary" of the Tsalagi language (an alphabet). He made a new language for them :)

Who created the Cherokee?

Sequoyah wrote the Cherokee syllabary - alphabet. (please note however he was not a "Chief")

What is an important invention developed by the Cherokee Sequoyah?

The syllabary, basically an alphabet for cherokees and a way to communicate.

What Alabama resident devised the phonetic written alphabet of the Cherokee language?

The Cherokee syllabary was created by Sequoyah.

Who invented written language for Cherokee?


What did the Seqouyah's Cherokee alphabet represent?

Sequoyah is credited with creating the syllabary for the Cherokee people. The syllabary consisted of 85 (some say 86) symbols representing unique sound combinations in the Cherokee language.