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While all are large storms of tropical nature, their official storm name has to do with its wind speeds.

When the storms are in their infant stages as just a general area of low pressure that has the potential to strengthen, they're usually given the name "Tropical Depression" It doesn't get a name like "Betty" or "Donald" just yet, instead, it gets a sequential number, like "Tropical Depression 3."

If the storm's peak winds become greater than 39 mph, then it's now a "tropical storm" and it gets a real name from the National Hurricane Center, like "Tropical Storm Barry."

If the storm continues to grow and reaches wind speeds over 74 mph, it's then a hurricane, but it keeps its identifying name for continuity sake.

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Q: How is a tropical storm different from a hurricane?
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What are the names of the Hurricanes for 2009?

Tropical Storm Ana Hurricane Bill Tropical Storm Claudette Tropical Storm Danny Tropical Storm Erika Hurricane Fred Tropical Storm Grace Tropical Storm Henri Hurricane Ida

What is the tropical storm that is very much like a hurricane called?

Just a tropical storm. Tropical storm and hurricane are just different intensity levels of the same type of weather system.

How did hurricane Andrew start?

Hurricane Andrew obviously started as a Tropical storm . every single hurricane starts as a tropical storm hurricanes can sometimes go from a tropical storm to A Up from hurricane to a tropical storm very quickly . but the wind speed to start a hurricane is 74 anything less is a tropical storm

When is a hurricane considered a tropical storm and what are all the different types a storm a hurricane can turn into?

A hurricane cannot be a tropical storm as by definition a tropical storm is weaker than a hurricane. A tropical storm is a tropical cyclone with winds of 39-73 mph. Only when winds reach 74 mph or greater is the storm considered a hurricane. A hurricane can weaken into a tropical storm and from there into a tropical depression (winds under 39 mph). A tropical storm or depression may also degenerate into a remnant low, which is too disorganized to be considered a tropical cyclone. A tropical cyclone (hurricane, tropical storm, or tropical depression) may also become an extratropical cyclone after moving over land or cold water. Around the world hurricanes have different names. In the northwest Pacific ocean they are called typhoons, In the Indian ocean they are called intense tropical cyclones, and in the south Pacific they are simply called cyclones. However, these are just different names for essentially the same kind of storm.

What are the names of all the hurricanes that happened in 2012?

The names of tropical storms are also included here, as they need not become hurricanes to be named.Atlantic:Tropical Storm AlbertoTropical Storm DebbyHurricane ChrisTropical Storm DebbyHurricane ErnestoTropical Storm FlorenceHurricane GordonTropical Storm HeleneHurricane IsaacTropical Storm JoyceHurricane KirkHurricane LeslieHurricane MichealHurricane NadineTropical Storm OscarTropical Storm PattyHurricane RafaelHurricane SandyTropical Storm TonyEastern PacificTropical Storm AlettaHurricane BudHurricane CarlottaHurricane DanielHurricane EmiliaHurricane FabioHurricane GilmaTropical Storm HectorHurricane IleanaTropical Storm JohnTropical Storm KristyHurricane LaneHurricane MiriamTropical Storm NormanTropical Storm OliviaHurricane PaulTropical Storm RosaWestern Pacific (here hurricanes are called typhoons)Tropical Storm PakharTropical Storm SanvuTyphoon MawarTyphoon GucholSevere Tropical Storm KalimTropical Storm DoksuriSevere Tropical Storm KhanunTyphoon VicenteTyphoon SaolaTyphoon DamreyTyphoon HaikuiSevere Tropical Storm KirogiTyphoon Kai-takTyphoon TembinTyphoon BolavenTyphoon SanbaTyphoon JelawatSevere Tropical Storm EwiniarSevere Tropical Storm MaliksiSevere Tropical Storm GaemiTyphoon PrapiroonSevere Tropical Storm MariaTyphoon Son-TinhIndian Ocean (where hurricanes are called cyclonic storms or tropical cyclones)Cyclonic Storm MurjanCyclonic Storm NilamTropical Cyclone BenildeModerate Tropical Storm ChandaSevere Tropical Storm EthelIntense Tropical Cyclone FunsoIntense Tropical Cyclone GiovannaModerate Tropical Storm HilwaSevere Tropical Storm IrinaSevere Tropical Storm Koji-JoniSevere Tropical Storm KuenaIntense Tropical Cyclone AnaisAustralia region (where hurricanes are called cyclones)Cyclone HeidiCyclone IggyCyclone JasmineCyclone LuaSouth Pacific (where hurricanes are called tropical cyclones)Tropical Cyclone CyrilTropical Cyclone Daphne

What stages does a storm go through before it develops into a hurricane?

Tropical Depression and then Tropical Storm THEN Hurricane!

Hurricane formation from weakest to strongest?

tropical disturbance tropical depression tropical storm hurricane major hurricane

What is the main difference between a hurricane and a tropical storm?

A tropical storm and a hurricane are distinguished by absolute barametric pressure at the eye and the eye wall wind speed. A tropical storm is a weak form of a hurricane.

When is a tropical storm classified as a hurricane or a cyclone?

a tropical storm is a tropical storm until it reaches speeds higher than i think 60 mph then its considered a hurricane

Is the eye o the hurricane where the hurricane start?

No, a hurricane forms from a weaker storm called a tropical storm, which itself starts out as a tropical depression. The eye usually forms after the storm has become a hurricane.

How is a storm surge different from a hurricane?

A hurricane is a severe tropical cyclone with sustained winds of at least 74 mph. The storm surge is a bugle on the sea surface created by a hurricane or similar storm.

What is the name of the tropical storm in America?

a tropical storm in America is called a Hurricane

Tropical storm Isacc?

its just a storm A Tropical storm but, Isaac really turn to a Hurricane.

How many people died during hurricane zeta?

"Hurricane" Zeta was never a hurricane, just a tropical storm. There were no deaths from Tropical Storm Zeta.

How bad is tropical storm Alex?

Alex is either a tropical storm or a hurricane. Either way, if it is a hurricane, cateigory 1.

When does tropical storm become a hurricane?

A tropical storm becomes a hurricane when sustained winds reach 74 mph or greater.

What is the relationship between hurricane tropical storms and tropical storms?

Tropical storms and hurricanes are different intensity levels of the same type of storm: a tropical cyclone. The difference is that a tropical storm has winds of 39-73 mph and a hurricane has winds of 74 mph or greater.

What level hurricane was tropical storm Allison?

Tropical storm Allision was never a hurricane, only a tropical storm. To be a hurricane, a storm must have sustained winds of at least 74 mph. Allison's winds never got above 60 mph.

What happens as the winds in a hurricane grow stronger?

Tropical depression , tropical storm , and a hurricane

What two stages does a storm have to go through before it becomes a hurricane?

Tropical disturbance -> tropical depression -> tropical storm -> tropical cyclone (hurricane). *Hurricane is a local name, for tropical cyclones (official name) that appear in the Atlantic.

Which sequence of storm stages is in the correct order?

tropical disturbance, tropical depression, tropical storm, hurricane

What number storm of the season was Hurricane Katrina?

Katrina was the 5th hurricane, 11th tropical storm and 12th tropical cyclone of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season.

What is a violent tropical storm?


Is a Tropical storm worst then a Hurricane?

Generally not. A tropical storm is the same type of storm as a hurricane except weaker. A tropical storm has sustained winds ranging from39 to 73 mph. One winds hit 74 mph or higher it is considered a hurricane.

At what speed does a tropical storm become a hurricane?

A tropical storm becomes a hurricane when sustained winds reach 74 mph or greater.