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The story of Adam, who is believed by Jews and Christians to be the first human being, is found in the book of Genesis, the first book of the Hebrew Bible, (the first five books of the Hebrew Bible are called the Torah, the Teachings of God); the Torah is part of what Christians call the Old Testament. Since Christians accept the Old Testament as sacred scripture, religious Christians believe we are all descendants of Adam and Eve, as do religious Jews. Both Judaism and Christianity draw upon the stories from the Hebrew Bible for their theologies, although Christians tend to place more emphasis on the New Testament, while Jews rely entirely on the Hebrew Bible and the Commentaries (the Talmud).

Also, for Christians, the Adam and Eve story has a different meaning than for Jews-- Christians believe that Adam and Eve's sin led to "original sin," the fact that we are all born sinners because of what Adam and Eve did. Jews, while accepting that Adam and Eve were disobedient and suffered the consequences, do not believe that all human beings are born sinful. But in both faiths, the story of how Adam and Eve disobeyed God is taught to children and adults for its lessons about the importance of following what God has commanded.

As for Muslims, they too regard the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament as divinely inspired, although they believe their scripture, the Holy Qu'ran (spelled "Koran" by many western sources), is the most important book, and while Adam is acknowledged, it is Abraham who is especially important in Muslim belief.

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Q: How is Adam important in more than one religion?
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