How is an Apple iPad 2 better the an apple iPod touch 4?

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In iPad 2
because it is bigger
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Which is better Apple iPod touch or iPhone?

The iPhone can make calls, send text messages, and take pictures, and can use cell networks to access the internet, which the iPod touch cannot do; however, the iPod touch has more optional memory and no monthly fee. yes, that is true. if you want a phone and you have a few bucks, then go with the ( Full Answer )

Are the Apple iPhone and the apple ipod touch the same?

No, the Apple iPhone has all the features of the iPod Touch AND the cell phone feature, which is not on the Apple iPod Touch. Another difference is that the iPhone is thicker than the iPod Touch, but they both look pretty much the same. But they are both stupid. If i were you i wouldn't buy one. The ( Full Answer )

What can an apple iPod touch do?

well, if you think about it its like a tini pc. You can surf theweb, save docs, hold music, movies/videos, and photos, play gamesand more.

What is better the iPod touch or the iPad?

The iPad is just a bigger version of the iPod Touch and more expensive, so the iPod Touch is better and cheaper. i think that the i pod touch would be better because it fits into your pocket and then you wouldn't have to carry it around all day and it is a lot more cheaper they are both the sa ( Full Answer )

How to switch on the apple iPod touch?

There is a small button on the top left hand corner of the iPod Touch, on the top. Hold that button for a few seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen, then release the button and wait for it to turn on and go to the main screen.

Why is the apple ipod touch so good?

The iPod Touch is such a good product because it has a built in Wi-Fi receiver allowing you to surf the internet on your iPod, allows you to play games and use other apps available to you from the App Store, and no other mp3 player has the ability to surf the internet, play games or apps, and listen ( Full Answer )

How do you charge an apple iPod touch?

There are two ways to charge your iPod touch. When you get an iPod touch, it comes with a cord to connect to the computer. The first way to charge it is to plug the iPod into the computer using that cord. Also, some stores sell wall adapters for iPods or iPhones. With this you just plug that same co ( Full Answer )

IPod touch or apple iPod Touch?

the ipod touch and apple ipod touch are exactly the same, but if you get it in the apple they will tell you all about it and set you up and everything, any other will just sell it and try to make you get the one year thing in case it breaks or something.

Why is apple selling a iPad if its just the bigger size of a ipod touch?

It isn't any kind of iPod - it's a tablet computer. You can print things from it, browse the internet, use iPhone apps, etc., but the software is kind of locked down (they try to control it like they controlled the songs on itunes w/ drm back in the day... gr...)

Which is better - the iPad or the iPod Touch - and why?

The answer is dependent upon what you intend to use it for. For example: The iPad supports Wireless-N technology while the iPhone supports up to Wireless-G. The iPad supports up to a 64 gig flash drive while the iPhone supports up to 32 gigs. While this may seem like the iPad is technolog ( Full Answer )

Is the iPod touch or the iPad better?

iPod touch. Definetly! The ipad has MUCH less features than the ipod touch and it is the SAME EXACT THING except the ipod touch has more feautures. the new ipod touch 4g is also a video phone. YOU CAN'T DO THAT ON A STUPID IPAD! Believe me, buy the ipod touch. IT ROX!

Which is better iPod touch or iPad?

I recommend an ipod touch. The ipad is more expensive than the ipod touch. But it isn't really about money its about the size, the quality ,the weight (if for example your taking it on an airplane). So it dosent matter how much it is and anyway these days electronics get cheaper and cheaper overat ( Full Answer )

How do you disabled an apple ipod touch?

Just keep typing in random passcodes until it goes to 1 minute, then if you repeat it goes to 5 min, then to 15min, then finally 60 min.

Will apple fix a broken ipod touch?

That depends on many different circumstances. Apple does not fix your iPod Touch for free if it is not under warranty (the standard one year warranty you get when you buy it). Some Apple stores have you pay a price to fix it (depending on damage), and others will tell you they cannot fix it and you' ( Full Answer )

What can you do with an apple ipod touch?

You can do what ever other ipod can do; play music, watch videos/podcast, listen to audiobooks, etc. But you can download from a large range of apps off the app store including games, education, books, etc. It can also access Wi-Fi for internet browsing. Hope this answers you're question.

How much is a ipod touch at the apple store?

here is a list of stores that carry the ipod touch and how much it is. . apple store $229.00 . best buy $209.99 . walmart $215.00 . target $204.99 i would think you would want to get the ipod from a different store ,because it is the same product but much less expensive. :)

How do you get an apple ID for the IPOD touch?

idk either New post by Houdini111: If you go to the apple website and go to support it will talk show questions about apple ID's. It should give you a link to the page. Otherwise it will tell you where to look. Hope this helps.

Is Apple making another iPod Touch?

The 4th Generation iPod Touch has just been leaked, and is supposedly a valid iPod Touch and not just another internet hoax. View the Related Link below for more information on the upcoming 'iPod Touch 4g'.

When is the apple ipod touch 4 coming out?

Apple is having their annual iPod press conference on sept 1 2010, that being said, it will be released anywhere from September 25-fall 2010. I hope you found this helpfull

What is better ipod touch or an iPad?

I've owned both. I am very addicted to my iPad. The screen is much higher resolution and the applications that have been written for it are very good. This platform (the iPad) will lead us into the next generation of computing. KEY Benefits: . Inexpensive apps . Excellent High def screen . G ( Full Answer )

How do you get the touch on the apple ipod touch to work?

You Need: imac PC, Mac, Laptop, ipod Touch, itunes on PC etc., USB Cable First you would connect your iPod to your USB Cable and plug the USB into the following (above). Second connect to iTunes and it should find your device. Third it should ask you to fill out some Questions and answer t ( Full Answer )

How do you get an apple id for your iPod touch?

Connect your ipod to a computer and download itunes. Once installed, open itunes and register your ipod, there you will be asked for your email which will end up being your apple id!

What Apple product is the best iPhone iPad or iPod Touch?

different products, different tastes for every person But If you want my opinion, ipod touch is the best... You can't carry iPad everywhere, just in home or a hotel or in a flight. iPhone is worthless because iPod touch is cheaper and there is a free app for talkin' and a free app for sms in iTun ( Full Answer )

Has the Apple iPod Touch have internet?

Yes, the Apple iPod has internet, though it has a monthly fee, which I am not sure of the price. So, when you get your Apple iPod Touch, be prepared with at least $20-30 in extra money for the monthly fee. Hope this helps.

What is better apple iPad 2 or apple iPad 3G?

The iPad 2 is the 2nd Generation model of iPads. The iPad 3G is actually an iPad (1 or 2) with a data plan attached to it so you can roam anywhere with internet access.

Which one is better the iPad or the iPod touch?

The IpodTouch is better than the Ipad because it is much cheaper and and you can call, text, take pictures, and also download apps for free so i would prefer the ipodtouch instead of the Ipad

Which one is better iPod touch or iPad?

ipod and ipad is the same thing except one is bigger but the ipod is smaller and can fit in ur pocket but get the one u want

Which is better the iPad or the iPod Touch and why?

I believe the iPod Touch is better, because it is portable, way cheaper, and has the same features as an iPad. In my definition an iPad is just an exploded version of the iPod Touch. It is really a waste of money, if you want a cheap iPad buy a iPod and get a good magnifying glass. Then Presto! It l ( Full Answer )

Where is the apple menu on the iPad 2?

There is no Apple menu. The home screen has a link to Settings, where you can change all the things the OSX Apple menu does.