How is barrel riffling done?

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you get a gun and shoot people you get a gun and shoot people

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Q: How is barrel riffling done?
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Use riffling in a sentence?

Whose been RIFFLING through my stuff?

How do you tell if a Remington fieldmaster 121 is a smooth bore?

It says it on the barrel, otherwise if there's no riffling it's been modified or shot out, but quite unlikely.

Are barrel shrouds legal in California?

Barrel shrouds, compensators yes, but if it even smells like a silencer you are done for.

Should only sabot slugs be used in a rifeled shotgun barrell.?

You should check with the barrels manufacturer about it's ratings, but I've never seen a slug barrel that wouldn't handle lead slugs.If you're talking about using shot shells...Since shot is contained in a wad, it never actually touches the walls of the barrel as it travels down it. The shot won't damage the riffling in the barrel, but since a slug barrel doesn't have the same choke as a shot barrel, and the wad in a shot shell isn't designed to spin, the shot pattern is going to be messed up.It's not a good idea.

What is a gun with grooved barrel called?

Grooves on inside of the barrel= a RIFLED firearm- the grooves are known as rifling. Grooves on the outside of the barrel= fluting, done to reduce weight

Can you change the barrel of a pellet rifle from a rifled to a smooth barrel?

Yes it could be done, but you would have to locate a smooth bore barrel to change it with. Remember smooth bore barrels are not as accurate as a rifled bore barrel.

How do you remove the barrel of a Savage Stevens Model 311 shotgun?

hire it done.

Can you shoot slugs through a full choke barrel?

It can be done... but you take the risk of expanding the choked part of the barrel or, even worse building excessive pressure in the barrel. It is absolutely not recommended, but your question asks "can you?".

How is rifling done?

There are several processes for rifling. Typically, a machine tool is inserted down the barrel and pulled out, while several gouges cut shallow grooves in the barrel.

What to use as a barrel for a homemade gun?

are you serious? you're a little nuts, huh?!?! when you get done look down the barrel and make sure the bullet comes out the right way.

What is the most accurate Tippmann A-5 paintball barrel for the price and length of the barrel?

This depends on you budget, quality of paint and what job you need done. If you are close range, the stock barrel is fine. if you need long range, get an apex or flatline barrel, if you want maximum accuracy, you need a two piece barrel and paint that fits the bore perfectly.

What is the book value of a Winchester model 12 manufactured in 1926 with a modified choke in very good condition?

i would need the gauge of the gun and the barrel length and if it is a plain barrel or ribbed barrel also if there appears to be any alterations done to it .

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