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It is important to us because it is a form of an art…… also concern itself with the communication to other human, to communicate or to show our feelings or expression.

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Q: How is beauty in man-made different from nature?
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Is lantern manmade or nature?

Manmade actually.

How is beauty in art different than beauty in nature?

Beauty in art is an expression by man of an object or act of a man whereas, beauty in nature is a creation and reflection of GOD Himself.

What is beauty of nature?

Beauty of nature basically means 'the nature beauty.....'

Is zinc manmade or naturally occurring?

Both. Zinc can be found in nature and also can be manmade.

Is glass manmade or natural?

Glass is manmade. It is a combination of silica and other ingredients depending on the nature of modern glass that is required.

How is beauty in art in different from beauty and nature?

For me it just the same because beauty in art is made by "us" whose people that is made by God. We are art of God.

The beauty of nature is indicated in line?

The beauty of nature is indicated in line

Difference between natural and manmade resources?

Natural resources are those that you can find out in nature. Manmade resources are resources that must be manufactured or made by humans.

Is the Berlin Wall manmade or an act of nature?

man made... this is a very not bright question..

How is corundum harvested?

Corundum (Al2O3) is now a manmade material, but exist also in nature..

Why people visit mountains?

Because of the great beauty, different climate, vegitation, geography, nature, and for recreation.

How beauty your nature is?

there is no sentence to explain nature it is very beautiful