How is beef cooked?

Beef can be cooked in several ways. Choice is yours. Baking, stew, stuffed beef, curry, beef brisket, beaf steaks and others. These are name of the foods.

Usually beef is baked slowly. In comparison to othe meats like chicken or pork, consistency of beef thick and its a harder meat. So it is good to bake it on slow heat.

There are many recipes for beef preparation.

Here are some with <<slow oven cooked>>:

1. Slow cooker beef stew (onion, tomato,potato, carrots can be added)

2. Slow oven cooked beef in beer (brussel's cabbage, carrots, peas can be added)

3. Slow cooker beaf and mushroom

4. Slow cooker beaf - Stoganoff

5. Beef and mushroom in slow heat

6. Hunt's slow cooker beef stew

7. Slow oven beef curry

8. Slow cooker barbecue beef

9. Mijo's slow cooker shredded bee

10. Slow cooked barbecue wine beef

And there are many mores. Recipe's are found in books for cooking, from the net or from amateur frieds who likes cooking