How is cardboard manufactured?

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They make cardboard out of outer flat sheets (liners) of puncture resistant paper, sandwiching a central "filling" (fluting, so called because it's fluted) of corrugated short fibre paper. The paper used for the fluting may also be "Semi-Chem", so called because chemicals are used to "stretch" the fibres, making it stronger and stiffer. The paper used to make the "fluting" is generally paper that weighs in around the 90 grammes per square metre (gsm) mark, although it is not uncommon to use "Semi Chem", that may weigh up to 171 gsm. Because "semi chem" is tougher and drier than your average waste based fluting, there is generally a lot of steam and heat applied in the actual corrugating machine. For normal fluting paper, only a small amount of heat, and no steam would be applied. Then, the "bottom-liner" and "medium" (outer and inner portion of the final corrugated board product, which may not necessarily be brown, they can be white, or "mottled") are glued together along the outsides of the peaks and valleys of each Flute, normally using starch adhesives. There are endless possibilities to finish, length and width of the board being produced. The width is only dictated by the width of the machine bed, which may be anything up to 3.5 metres (around 11 feet) wide. The length is generally dictated by the length of the "dry end" of the machine, but I personally have seen board being cut up to 4 metres long, and as short as 600 millimetres. I hope that makes things a little clearer for my fellow "Wiki-ers".

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Q: How is cardboard manufactured?
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How is a cardboard box manufactured?

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Where is cardboard packaging manufactured in the United States?

Cardboard packaging is manufactured at many places in the United States including WH Skinner. WH Skinner is located in Chart Sutton, Maidstone. They have many other services available besides cardboard packaging.

How are cardboard boxes manufactured?

Paper is glued together in layers, cut and folded.

What are examples of manufactured board?

Cardboard, chip board, plywood, gypsum wall board, wall panelling.

What ingredients are used to manufacture a cardboard?

Cardboard is manufactured using paper pulp that is processed from harvested trees and recycled paper. Glue and pressure are used to press it and make it retain its shape.

What materials are in cardboard?

Cardboard is primarily composed of wood fibers, but can contain other things such as fillers such as clay, calcium carbonate, etc. Depending on who and where the cardboard is manufactured it may contain any number of other ingredients based on the end use of the cardboard. A note, cardboard is not the same as corrugated board, which has the waving middle stuff, although their makeup is very similar.

Can people eat cardboard?

yes but i wouldn't advise it.... carboard is a manufactured substance that was not ment to be eaten.... come on It has no nutritional value.

What is the meaning of cardboard baler?

A cardboard baler is designed to compress cardboard just as a haybaler does to hay. It can be used for cardboard that is being recycled or for cardboard that needs to be transported.

How much does cardboard weigh?

The weight of cardboard depends on the thickness and amount of cardboard. Thicker cardboard tends to weigh a little more than thin cardboard.

What do you call strong card board?

You would call strong cardboard 'cardboard'. It doesn't matter how strong it is, the cardboard is still cardboard. Even if the cardboard is extremely stiff, it is still cardboard, and there is no special name for it.

What does cardboard mean?

the meaning of cardboard

What is the difference between regular cardboard and corrugated cardboard?

The difference between regular cardboard and corrugated cardboard is the wavy part between the 2 sheets of cardboard this would be corrugated. Plain cardboard does not have the wavy insides.

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