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Q: How is chemical energy transformed into motion energy for a toy car?
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What is a energy transformation in a car engine?

The chemical energy is transformed in kinetic energy.

What is the energy transformation in a car engine?

The energy in a car starts as electrical energy in the battery. That energy creates thermal energy in the form of a spark, which activates chemical energy in the fuel. The chemical energy converts to thermal energy which is then transformed to the mechanical energy which moves the car.

When a car burns fuel which of following best describes what happens to the energy of the system?

Chemical energy is transformed to mechanical energy and some heat energy

How does gasoline help a car move?

It is a source of chemical energy when it is released by ignition it turns chemical energy into reciprocating motion .

What of these energy changes occurs in a moving car?

Chemical energy of the petrol transformed into sound and heat, but mostly kinetic energy. Friction of tires on road, air resistance etc.

How can thermal energy be transformed to kinetic energy in a car?

When gasoline burns, it is transformed into kinetic then used in motion. Also remember the Conservation of Energy Law, no energy can be created or destroyed. So when the total energy in the world one day becomes useless, things will come to a standstill.

When a big dipper car hits the bumpers what energy does it create?

First if all, energy is never created, nor does it disappear . . . but I know what you mean. "What energy is its kinetic (motion) energy transformed to?" The answer is "kinetic energy plus heat".

What are some examples of energy being changed into another form?

Any fire. Your car. You. (All are changing chemical energy into motion and heat.)

Is driving a car physical science?

yes. it is actual physics. a car engine needs fuel for motion. the fuel then is mechanical energy that is potential energy. it undergoes the principle of conservation of energy and it is transformed into motion. this implies that...its one among the application of physical science...because no living organism is concern despise the external force applied.

What energy transformation is taking place in an electric motor?

the motor uses chemical energy to make the car move or object work...and that is mechanical energy...answer: chemical-mechanical

What type of energy does moving use?

Kinetic energy is the energy of motion. motion means moving.Example: A car moving, Box moving,Energy Is the Ability to Do WorkIt can be chemical energy, electrical energy, heat (thermal energy), light (radiant energy), mechanical energy, and nuclear energy.

Is a car a kinetic or potential energy?

Energy due to motion is kinetic energy, so the energy of the car due to it's motion is kinetic.