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first, people fly a plane over the clouds, they spray salt over them, the water droplets in the cloud mix with the salt, and combine to make a large rain drop, and, last but not least, it rains.

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Where does cloud seeding happen?

Cloud seeding is done in arid areas - where clouds might form, but not produce rain. Seeding the cloud with microscopic 'dust' - forces water droplets to form - which eventually combine and fall as rain.

Can you make it rain?

Yes, through cloud seeding, which is done with airplanes.

Done to induce rain or snow?

Cloud seeding with Silver Iodide.

What is done when you put particles in the air that creates precepitation?

Cloud seeding.

When do they perform cloud seeding in Philippines?

Cloud seeding is done in the Philippines to offset or mitigate the effects of prolonged drought on agricultural areas(water stress) and watershed (reduction in dam level)

What are the harms of cloud seeding?

Cloud Seeding makes floods, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and other bad weather occur. Cloud Seeding can cause death when floods, thunderstorms, and all of the other bad weather that occurs from Cloud Seeding.

What is artificial rain inducement?

Artificial rain inducement is know as cloud seeding. There are three methods for cloud seeding: static, dynamic and hygroscopic.Static cloud seeding is done by spreading silver iodide, or another chemical substance like it, into clouds. The moisture in the air condenses around the silver iodide molecules and then falls to the ground in the form of rain.Dynamic cloud seeding is basically a much more complex form of static cloud seeding. Dynamic cloud seeding is divided into eleven complicated steps, and failure to properly complete one of them can result in the ruin of the entire project. Thus, dynamic cloud seeding is generally considered more unstable than static cloud seeding.Hygroscopic cloud seeding involves shooting salt crystals into the lower regions of clouds. The moisture in the clouds condenses on the salt crystals and than falls down to the grown as rain.

What cloud seeding does to a cloud?

it makes it precipitate

What is cloud seeding?

Cloud seeding can cause major weather storms. When cloud seeding releases silver iodide into the cloud it can cause humans to get diseases such as heart enlargment or amenia. These diseases could cause you to have other symptons. Cloud seeding also cost alot of money which isn't good for our economy these days.

Is cloud seeding for hot countries?

Cloud seeding requires clouds and in hot countries such as Egypt or Africa. I doubt there are any clouds so i would say no cloud seeding is not for hot countries.

What are the dangers of cloud seeding?

There are many possible dangers of cloud seeding. Cloud seeding is dangerous because it forces unnatural changes in clouds by using chemicals that could harm the health the humans.

Is cloud seeding a rain theft?


Artificial cloud seeding?

Please write your question in a COMPLETE sentence so it can be understood and answered. What do you want to know ABOUT artificial cloud seeding?

How does cloud seeding help our farmers?


What is the name for cloud seeding compound?


Why is cloud seeding bad?

Cloud seeding can be bad because it attempts to force clouds to release their moisture. It is also not a reliable means of rain production.

Why might cloud seeding reduce the amount of hail from a storm-?

Cloud seeding could reduce the amount of hail from a stone because it enhances the melting of the hails.

Cons of cloud seeding?

well i am not really sheer

Does cloud seeding harm humans?

no, we harm clouds.

Why do you use salt in cloud seeding?

It is unknown why salt is actually used for cloud seeding. However, many feel that it is because it is economical and would harm the environment the least.

What is cloud seeding and is it effective?

Cloud seeding - is dropping quantities of microscopic particles into the upper atmosphere - with the intention that water molecules will 'stick' to the particles - and thus create rain.

How do you reduce cyclones?

the main way is cloud seeding. before a cyclone develops, cloud seeding can take place so the low rains itself out before it becomes a cyclone.

What are the pros and cons of cloud seeding?

Cheese Whiz :D

What are the steps involved in cloud seeding?

it can destroy our comfort room......

What are good things about cloud seeding?

You can get rain where you want or need it.