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How is cobalt made?

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it is made by trees

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Is cobalt a man made element?

No it is not.

Is a magnet made out of cobalt?

A man made magnet is made of Iron Nickel Cobalt and Rare earth Metals

Is cobalt Chevy made out of real cobalt?

Yes it is i own one

Is cobalt nature or man made?

Cobalt is an element which occurs in nature.

What do cobalt made of?

Some applications of cobalt:- cobalt blue glass- stainless steels with cobalt- gamma sources with cobalt-60- widia items preparation- batteries- catalysts

Things made of colbalt?

If you mean cobalt you can make paint. ( Cobalt blue)

Where was the element cobalt found?

In 1735, Swedish chemist G.Brandt made Cobalt metal.

What is a Chevy cobalt made of?

It is made of metal. It is a car.

What objects are made out of cobalt?


Where was the cobalt bomb made?


When was cobalt made?

If you are talking about Cobalt-60 being "found" it was in 1938 by Seaborg and Livingood. But Cobalt has been used throughout all history.

What are three things made of cobalt?

cobalt is used to impart blue colour on glass, ceramics and glazes.

What can be made into magnets?

iron steel cobalt

What metal are braces made out of?

chromium cobalt

What is the number of atoms in a molecule of cobalt?

Cobalt is an element, not a molecule. Molecules are made up of more than one atom. There is one (1) atom of cobalt.

Is cobalt man-made?

No it isn't. It is a naturally occurring element.

What ions form cobalt?

Cobalt is an element, and therefore it is not made out of ions, although it can be ionized. Like all metals, cobalt forms positive ions (by losing electrons).

Magnet made with iron nickel or cobalt?


What things are made out of cobalt?

metal engines and cheese

What is the grand slam trophy made of?

cobalt and zinc

Is Cobalt Man-made or naturally occurring?

Naturally. Cobalt is a natural element, not man-made.It is naturally occuring.

What compounds are in cobalt?

There are no compounds in Cobalt. It is completely impossible, because Cobalt is an element, and compounds are made up of elements. If this is what you meant to ask, then there a a lot of compounds with Cobalt in them. One example is Cobalt (III) Fluoride, chemical formula CoF3. Any compound with a "Co" (the "C" must be capitalized and the "o" must lowercase) in it contains Cobalt.

Does cobalt have more energy force then recently made uranium bombs?

Cobalt 60 is not for bombs but for industrial or therapeutic gamma-irradiation.

What is a material that can be made into a permanet magnet?

Iron, Cobalt and Nickel.

What are the three materials that can be made into magnets?

Cobalt, Nickel, and lead

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