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No, it's not. Don't be stupid. It's one of the most dangerous drugs out there. Be careful and never get that idea in your head. Cocaine killed my best friend her first time. Don't joke around.

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Are you serious? I highly doubt cocaine is healthy for you. It used to be used as a common remedy in the early 1900s for such ailments as headache, fatigue(go figure), etc.. In fact, it was over-used due to the likeable effects it gives the user like a feeling of being energized.

As you may already know, cocaine is an addictive substance that Coca-Cola actually used to use as a main ingredient in their original soda. That is why "Coke" became so popular. See the correlation between the drug and the soda's name? Yep, its true.

However, all of this stopped when researchers discovered that people were becoming addicted to cocaine and abusing it. Coca-cola stopped putting cocaine in their beverage as it was also pulled off of drug store's shelves. I am not sure what chemical effects cocaine poses to your brain, but I do know it can lead to nose bleeds, headaches, insomnia, runny nose, constant rubbing of the nose, and over prolonged use can actually deteriorate the cartilage in the upper inside of your nose. Also, it is popular to rub the white powder on the inside of your mouth which after prolonged use will kill nerves in your gums, resulting in the loss of all of your teeth. Not good.

South American farmers felt cocaine helped them; they would chew on cocoa plants while they worked, which enabled them to put in 20 hour days. The downside? They usually burned out and didn't live much past 35 - 40 years old!

So no, cocaine is definitely NOT good for you!

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Q: How is cocaine healthy for you?
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