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Suicide, in the Religious institution, is considered a sin and you will be sent directly to Hell for not completeing God's work.

But in the eyes of others, suicide is just an idiotic way to escape your problems and by doing so it's almost stupid to commit suicide.

Also, suicide is just a bad way to deal with low self esteem and/or related problems to bullies.

Suicide is also considered a sin because technically you are killing. Plus you will be makeing your family very sad and depressed.

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Q: How is committing suicide bad?
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Committing suicide means a person is in the act of taking their own life or killing themself.

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Suicide is Never the solution.

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Committing suicide is the term used when a person intentionally kills him/her self.

Does Committing Suicide Help you in Life?

No, suicide never will help you and it is a mortal sin to kill yourself.

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There is not a great deal the authorities could do to punish you for committing suicide.

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It is not bad, but it isn't the way to treat things in your life. It is hard sometimes to deal with all those problems, emotions or something else, but committing a suicide isn't the answer for them.

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Man suicide for less money

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