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because the more compaction, the better and more potent coal so, the more compacted the better

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Q: How is compaction important in the formation of coal?
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What is the most important for the formation of sedimentary rock?

compaction and cementation

Explain how compaction is important in the formation of coal?

coal is formed from decayed remains and fossils being smashed, ''compacted'' together until their chemicals merge together from the pressure of the compacting. this is also how diamonds form from coal just more heat and more pressure (compacting).

Which formed as a result of the compaction of dead plants?


Which is the process involved in the formation of sedimentary rock?


. Which is a process involved in the formation of sedimentary rock?


What process causes the Peat to become coal?


First stage of coal formation?

Fist Stage Of Coal Formation Is Called

Which two process lead directly to the formation of breccia and conglomerate?

compaction and cementation

What is coal formation largely a result of?

Coal formation is largely the result of fossilization of organic matter.

Is coal a rock considering its made from decayed plant?

Coal is an organic sedimentary rock, formed from the sedimentary processes of compaction and cementation.

In the formation of coal what stage occurs after bituminous coal?


What are rocks called that have been made by heat and compaction?

Metamorphic rocks. However care should be taken when using the work compaction, as clastic sedimentary rocks undergo compaction during their formation and are not considered metamorphic. A better word than compaction in this context would be pressure or stress.