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Constant speed is shown on a graph using straight lines. The straight line indicates that there are no fluctuations with the speed.

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Q: How is constant speed shown on a graph?
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What is the name of the line that would show constant speed on a V-T graph?

On a V-t graph, constant speed is shown as a horizontal line.

On a graph of distance versus time what is constant speed shown by?

If the line formed by the graph is straight, the speed is constant. A horizontal line would show the object as stationary.

How does a graph showing speed differ from a graph showing acceleration?

Speed can be shown on a graph of position versus time, and acceleration can be shown on a graph of speed versus time.

How does average speed relate to the shape of the graph?

A speed graph has a slope that is greater than zero that is shown on an object accelerating. Graphs that show straight means constant speed and is kept at a negative slope.

What does constant speed appear as on a V-t graph?

On a graph of velocity and time, a constant speed would appear as a straight horizontal line.

A distance-time graph of constant speed looks like this?

The graph is a straight line. Its slope is the speed.

What does a horizantal line mean on a speed time graph?

I would like to state first that you misspelled horizontal. The answer to your question is Constant speed.

What would the distance vs time graph look like for an object at a constant speed?

At constant speed, the distance/time graph is a straight line, whose slope is equal to the speed.

What does horizonal line on a speed timev graph indicate?

A horizontal line on a speed vs time graph indicates constant speed.

What does constant speed look like on a graph?

That kind of depends on what is being graphed. -- On a graph of acceleration vs time, the graph is a straight line that lays right on top of the x-axis, because the acceleration is a constant zero. -- On a graph of speed vs time, constant speed is a horizontal line, parallel to the x-axis. -- On a graph of distance vs time, constant speed is a straight line with a positive slope; that is, it rises as it progresses toward the right.

What does a horizontal line mean on a speed time graph?

Constant speed..

Does a horizontal line on a speed time graph show constant speed?