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How is copper coaxial cable connected to fiber optic cable?

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2009-01-06 20:23:56

a basic cable system works as follows information is received

via satellite from the information providers also known as a

channel in what is known as a head end where they process the

signal and insert it into qualms which leave the head end on fiber

optic cable by laser till it gets to the neighborhood or

neighborhoods where there are subscribers. the fiber optics then

hit what is called a node. at the node a fiber optical receiver

changes it from light into db which is then sent out on

distribution style coaxial cable usually a plastic based coating

quantum reach style cable or qr cable. it then hits an amplifier

where it is jumped up to about 40 db give or take as it travels

down the street. where there is a house there is a tap in the qr

cable, which is where the coaxial cable people are most familiar

with starts

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