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How is copper coaxial cable connected to fiber optic cable?

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a basic cable system works as follows information is received via satellite from the information providers also known as a channel in what is known as a head end where they process the signal and insert it into qualms which leave the head end on fiber optic cable by laser till it gets to the neighborhood or neighborhoods where there are subscribers. the fiber optics then hit what is called a node. at the node a fiber optical receiver changes it from light into db which is then sent out on distribution style coaxial cable usually a plastic based coating quantum reach style cable or qr cable. it then hits an amplifier where it is jumped up to about 40 db give or take as it travels down the street. where there is a house there is a tap in the qr cable, which is where the coaxial cable people are most familiar with starts

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What is the difference between coaxial cable and fiber optic cables?

Coaxial usually uses a conductor like copper but fiber optic uses thin strands of glass and is fastercoaxial cables- forms the backbone to whichall connected devices are attachedfibre optic- this cable is regarded as the most reliable and secure transmission media.

What are the disadvantages of using coaxial cable?

coaxial cable speed is slower than fiber optic cable. it is main disadvantage of coaxial cable

Three types of network media?

The three types of network media are: Twisted-pair copper cable, fiber-optic cable, and coaxial cable.

Can fiber optic cable be connected to a coaxial cable?

Well it's fiber til it reaches the pole or house than it's just regular RG 6 cable from there throughout the house.

What is the error rate of coaxial cable?

The bit error rate is a standard transmission-error rate of a medium such as copper wire, coaxial cable, or fiber-optic cable. Coaxial cables have a low error rate that is generally 1 in 1 billion bps.

How does the twisted pair and coaxial cable the signal differ from the signal in the fiber optic cable?

fiber -optic cable signal is light signal coaxial and twisted pair signal electrical

What are the Parts of coaxial cable?

-Copper core: the copper wire in the middle -Insulating layer, which isolates the core and the external woven copper. The isolator wraps the copper core. -Woven copper shield. It is like a pipe or tube of copper, that surrounds the insulator which in turn surrounds the copper core. -Plastic sheath or jacket, which protects the woven copper tubular shield.

What is the difference between fiber optic cables and copper cables?

fiber optic cables are made of either thin glass fiber or thin plastic fiber with signals transmitted as pulses of lightcopper cables are made of either twisted pairs or coaxial cable made of copper with signals transmitted as electrical voltages or currentsThe signal carrying capacity of a fiber optic cable is much greater than that of a copper cable and a copper cable is much heavier and takes up more space than a fiber optic cable does. However fiber optic cables are more difficult to repair or splice than copper cables.

What are the major classes of guided media?

twisted pair cable, coaxial cable, and fiber optic cable

What are the different types of cables in computing?

Coaxial cable, Optical fiber cable, Twisted Pair

Difference between fiberoptic cable and coaxial cable?

Fiber-Optic (CAT5 or ethernet) cables are slightly thicker than a phone line. Coaxial cables are a single pin screw in connection. fiber optics can handle far more data, and a lot faster that a coaxial connection.

What is a difference bertween coaxial and fiber optics?

Coaxial cable uses a shield to protect a copper wire carrying a signal via an electric current. The shield reduces noise on the line. Fiber optics use glass fibers carrying a signal via electromagnetic waves (i.e. light).

What cables have typically been used in cable plants?

fiber optic, coaxial, and twisted-pair

WHAT Types of cables are used in a wan connections?

optical fiber ,twited pai,coaxial cable

What is difference between coaxial cable and fiber optic cable?

Coaxcial cable is typically a copper core cable with a shield separated by an air gap. It carries electrical signals along the center conductor relative to ground (usually the outer shield is tied to ground. Fibre optic cable is glass strands which carrry light in the form of pulses rather than electrical currents. Fibre carries a digital signal whilst copper (coaxial) commonly carries an analogue signal.

Different between fiber optical cable and copper cable?

Fiber optic cable is constructed out of glass or plastic, and uses light pulses to transmit data. Copper cable is made out of copper material (not glass or plastic) and uses electrical voltages to transmit signals.

Connecting a fiber optic cable to a coaxial cable is there a noticeable difference in the picture quality and what about data speed with hooking up to the Internet would it be best to have all fibe?

There are several questions here so there is more than one answer:Connecting fiber to coaxial cableFiber optic cable transmits light and not electricity so there is no way to connect the two together directly. Interfaces can be used to take data in an electrical form, convert it to light and send it along a fiber. Similar interfaces do the opposite and receive light to convert it back to an electrical signal. The type of data carried is independent of the fiber or the cable.Picture qualityIn the world of television, data means pictures (and audio and other data). Television transmission is now almost fully digital in most countries so both copper cable and fiber doth carry digital information. As the data is independent of the transmission method, there will be absolutely no difference in picture quality if it is transmitted over fiber or copper.Data speedFew of us have the luxury of specifying the type of connection we have to the Internet. A service provider will supply copper cable or fiber to suit their own systems and then provide a suitable interface in the home. Fiber is often used for long distance connections with a short copper link from the street into homes or fiber can be taken directly into a home. Either way, the data rate is specified and controlled by the service provider. Fiber has a reputation for offering better maximum data rates than copper cable but this is dependent on the length of the line being used. In general terms, copper cable can transmit data as fast as fiber optics over very short distances. Above certain lengths, fiber optic cables become very attractive compared to copper because the signal losses are far lower in fiber than copper. It is safe to say that for long runs, fiber can offer a higher data rate than copper in many situations.

Network backbones are generally made of coaxial cable?

Many companies are using fiber optics for backbone connection.

What is a hard drive connected to the motherboard by?

fiber optic cable

What is the form of the signal in twisted-pair cable and coaxial cable?

Electrical signal - is used by twisted pair cable and coxial. Light signal - is used by fiber optic.

What are 3 benefits of fiber optic cable over coax cable?

Speed (fiber is much faster)Length (fiber segments can be much longer than coax)Security (much harder to tap a fiber cable than copper)

Will standard coaxial cable support High Definition tv signals?

Co-ax cable is quite capable of carrying HD signals as part of a domestic cable service. However, optical fiber is now far more cost effective than copper so it si increasingly used for trunks with copper links carrying signals the last few feet into a home. Some are now taking fiber right into the home. Regarding video signals within the home, co-ax cable is used to carry composite video (standard definition color signals) and this will not carry HD signals. This is purely because coaxial interfaces for HD in domestic equipment. Coaxial cable is still used widely in broadcast environments to carry SD and HD signals.

What are transmittion media?

Hi, Transmission media means transfer the data from one place to another place. eg. Twisted pair cable, coaxial cable and fiber optic cable.

Why fiber optic cable is better than twisted-pair and coaxial cable?

fibre optic cable is better than coaxial because transmission through fibre optic cable take place in the form of light and it is very difficult to tap the data that is sent over through fibre optic..

Rank the following five media examples-twisted pair coaxial cable fiber-optic cable microwave and satellite-in order from highest data transmission speed to lowest data transmission speed?

rank the following from highest to lowest in data transmission speed twisted pair, coaxial cable, fiber-optic, microwave, and satellite