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Q: How is currency calculated?
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How is foreign currency translation calculated?

ecuador's currency

How is foreign currency calculated using a Currency Converter?

Foreign currency is calculated using the average market value of the currency over a 24 hour period and then comparing that value to other currencies. This is why exchange rates can vary from day to day.

Why is GDP considered a more accurate measure than GNP?

Gross domestic product can be calculated in th esingle currency where as GNP may be calculated in different currency

How the currency exchange rate is calculated?

Depending on the Economy level

How are currency exchange rates are calculated?

Currencies exchange rate are not calculated but determined by the market supply and demand. If the demand is higher than the supply the price will go up and vice versa.

How is spread calculated when trading in the forex market?

The spread is calculated by what the buyer is willing to pay for the currency that is being offered. They look at the difference between the buy and asking prices to determine their worth.

What are the data types in Microsoft Access?

Text, Memo, Number, Date/Time, Currency, AutoNumber, Yes/No, OLE object, Hyperlink, Attachment, Calculated

Can the euro be used in Italy?

The euro is the currency of Italy.The euro is the currency of Italy.The euro is the currency of Italy.The euro is the currency of Italy.The euro is the currency of Italy.The euro is the currency of Italy.The euro is the currency of Italy.The euro is the currency of Italy.The euro is the currency of Italy.The euro is the currency of Italy.The euro is the currency of Italy.

Is all GDP calculated in US dollars?

No, other countries calculate their GDP in terms of their own currency. It is common for GDP to be converted to US dollars for comparisons.

What is currency for Casablanca?

what is the currency in casablanca what is the currency in casablanca

Can you find me a 10 countries in Europe and their currency?

France, currency: Euro.Italy, currency: Euro.Spain, currency: EuroSweden, currency: KronaGermany, currency: EuroPoland, currency: ZlotyUnited Kingdom, currency: SterlingLuxembourg, capital: currency: EuroAlbania, capital: currency: LekRomania, capital: currency:Leu

What currency can be used in Singapore?

Singaporean currency and the currency of Brunei.

What currency does Lithuania currency?

Currency in Lithuania: litas (LTL)

What is the meaning of 'currency' when referring to money?

Currency is money

What currency is accepted worldwide?

dollar currency using as a global currency

Currency in a sentence?

That answer lacks currency! Currency is another word for money.

What is the currency and currency symbols of Kuwait?

Currency is Kuwaiti Dinar.Symbol for it KWD.

What is the currency and currency the symbol of Zambia?

Currency is Zambian Kwacha.Symbol for it is ZK.

Is Brazil's currency the same as the us currency?

NoThe currency of Brazil is the Brazilian Real.The currency of the USA is the US dollar.Most countries in the world have their own currency.

What is the collective noun for currency?

There is no standard collective noun for the noun 'currency'. There are collective nouns for the noun 'money' that can be used:a cache of currencya rouleau of currencya wad of currency

What is the currency of Australia and Ethiopia?

The currency of Ethiopia is the Ethiopian birr, the international currency code is ETB.The currency of Australia is the Australian dollar, the international currency code is AUD.

What determines the foreign currency value against Indian currency?

The foreign currency against domestic currency is the buying and selling

Is there a currency book on line for Canadian money?

You can find a currency book online or currency converter at XE Currency Converter.

Highest currency in the world?

In according to my opinion our own currency is highest currency......

What is the currency of Antarctica?

There is no currency because it's not a country.There is no currency minted in Antarctica.