How is density related to floatation?


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If an object has lower density than the fluid then it will float. If it has higher density then it will sink.

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floatation of any substance depends completely on its density. oil is more denser than water due to which it floats. this is the floation process of oil.

Yes, when a submarine boat pumps water out of its flotation (not floatation) tanks, the submarine should rise.

material that sink has a density above that of water and does not obey the law of floatation.

Because the tanks are filled with air afterwards. Air has a lower density than water.

law of floatation states that density of objects less than that of the liquid will float and the objects with density more than that of the liquid will sink

The water is replaced with air which is not as heavy as water for the same volume.

4 applicaton for law of floatation

It is related by the grams that are measured by density

floating of balloon on water surface is because of the air which has less density and thus has a tendency to be on the top of berg floats because of the caged structure ,where air is present, present in ice due to hydrogen bonding and it has much more density than air but less than water.

lots of money helps with the forth floatation process

Density = mass / volume.

Events that are not related to the density.

Salinity and Density are related because they are both measures of the amount

Generally a high density is related to a high boiling point.

Density = mass/volume so it is related to mass and volume. And Volume is related to temperature and pressure, so it is related to those as well.

The density of an object is related to the density of the fluid it is in because if the density of the object is less than the fluid than it will float. If this density of the object is greater than the density of the fluid it will sink to the bottom.

mass divided by volume = density

yes, density= mass/volume.

Density is related to the flight of hot air balloons because the more density the harder it is to get of the ground.

Mass and volume are related to density because they are all scientific terms. ;)

density=mass per unit volume.

Increasing the salinity the density is also increased.

Mass is related to volume by density.The density of a material is defined as its mass per unit volume.

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