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How is distilled water made?

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water is boiled - the steam is captured and cooled back to water. Will remove heavy particulates and other elements.

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What is battery water made up of?

battery water is distilled water

Is distilled water the same as deionized water?

No. Distilled water is made by boiling, evaporating and condensing natural water. Deionized water is made by passing natural water through a reverse osmosis process.

What is the difference between ice cubes made of distilled water and ice cubes made of tap water?

Same as with distilled water and tap water-how much particulate matter it contains.

What is battery water made up?

Distilled water and sulfuric acid.

What is distilled water in a car battery made of?

Water that's been distilled. Means you let it boil, collect the steam and cool the steam back into water.

Are there any difference between distilled water used for batteries and distilled water used for terbine washing?

No, distilled water is distilled water.

Is distilled water a carbohydrate?

No, distilled water is simply water.

Can algae grow in distilled water?

yes it can if the distilled water is left un covered and not kept sterle as it is made to not have any minerals in it and is not growth proof

Why is distilled water not potable?

distilled water don't have any minerals or the distilled water is demineralized water.potable water is fit to drink.demineralized water is worthless for a living organism.thats why distilled water is not potable.

Is Distilled water a mixture?

No, distilled water is a compound.

Why is distilled water a base?

Distilled water is not a base.

Is frozen water defrost distilled water?

Only if it was distilled water to begin with. Simply freezing and defrosting water does NOT create distilled water.

What liquids are distilled water?

Distilled water is simply purified water.

Does distilled water contain metals?

No. Distilled water is pure water.

What is the solubility of distilled water?

Distilled water is highly soluble in water.

Why is your distilled water not pure?

Distilled water can contain dissolved gases, such as carbon dioxide. Therefore, distilled water is not pure water.

What is a sentence for distilled?

You should not drink distilled water as it lacks minerals which are beneficial for us.Make a solution of the salt in distilled water.

Is distilled water homogeneous?

Distilled water is a homogeneous liquid.

Is distilled water hyperosmotic?

Distilled water is pure and it is not hyperosmotic.

Is distilled water an element or compound?

Distilled water is a compound.

Is distilled water homogenous?

is distilled water a pure subtance

Does distilled water contain protein?

No. Distilled water is pure.

Is distilled water classified as a base?

Distilled water is neutral

Is distilled water a base substance?

Distilled water is neutral.

Density of distilled water?

The density of distilled water is 1.