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it heps earth from over heating

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How is earth protected by meteor showers?

Its atmosphere.

How is life on earth protected from the extreme conditions in space?

The earth is protected by the atmosphere which deflects some of the radiation that comes from the sun.

Why is the earth more protected from solar wind particles than the moon?

Because the Earth has an atmosphere

What protects the earth from getting too hot too cold or too dry?

The earth is protected by its atmosphere.

What planet is the only one that has large bodies of water and a protected atmosphere?


Which layer of the earth atmosphere protects the earth from dangerous ultraviolet raditions of the sun?

Dangerous Ultraviolet radiations are the ones emitted from sun. These are protected by ozone.

What are ways earth is protected by its atmosphere?

One way is its ozone layer. The ozone layer protects the earth from harmful UV rays.The atmosphere also protects us from small meteorites which burn up when they reach the atmosphere. The moon is covered with craters from these direct hits.

What does the moon has no atmosphere mean?

it means that it is not protected at all from the sun or any thing else (the earth is) the moon also has no magnetic field

What is around the earth?

a ozone layer call the atmosphere is around the earth. it protects us from the harmful uv rays from the sun.however the is a hole in the ozone layer over the artartic ocean.the hole is becoming bigger and bigger.hence we are lesser protected by the atmosphere.

What might happen if the earth did not have an atmosphere?

Life would not be protected if the earth did not have atmosphere. Nothing would absorb ultraviolet radiation and nothing would reduce extreme temperatures during day and night.our world will freeze and people will freeze and die

How much of the Earth is protected by the ozone?

The complete earth is protected by ozone. It acts as a shield on earth.

Are the five layers of the atmosphere in earth or out of earth?

The atmosphere is above the earth.

Earths position in the atmosphere?

Earth isn't in the atmosphere - the atmosphere is part of Earth.

What stops a space shuttle burning up?

On re entry into the Earth`s atmosphere the shuttle is protected from the heat by the tiles on the belly of the shuttle.

Is there a hole in the atmosephere?

The Ozone Hole. For nearly a billion years, ozone molecules in the atmosphere have protected life on Earth from the effects of ultraviolet rays.

What is the atmosphere of the earth like?

There is not much atmosphere on earth

What part of earth is the atmosphere?

the atmosphere is the gases around the earth

How is the Earth protected from UV?

The earth is protected by UV. It is the thing that helps forming natural ozone.

Which is the least dense layer of the Earth?

The atmosphere.The atmosphere.The atmosphere.The atmosphere.

Does Earth have an atmosphere?

Yes, the earth does have an atmosphere. Part of it is the air you breathe.

Is Earth atmosphere abundant in gas?

The Earth atmosphere is formed from gases.

Why does the atmosphere of Earth move with the Earth as it orbits around the sun or why doesn't the Earth lose its atmosphere as it moves in space?

The atmosphere of the planet Earth is gravitationally attracted to the Earth. That is what holds it in place.

How does the composition of earth atmosphere differ from the composition of the atmosphere of the gas giants?

earth has people in it's atmosphere

What holds the atmosphere to Earth?

Gravity hold the atmosphere to the Earth. But other factors do cause earth to loose some atmosphere to space continuously.

What is a sentence for atmosphere?

the atmosphere covers the earth like a blanket. the atmosphere surronds the earth with air. i enjoyed the restaurant because of its cozy atmosphere.