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How is feces made?


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Feces is made by your digestive system. When you first take a bite of food, the process starts. The saliva in your mouth starts to break down the food. You then swallow the food sending it down your esophagus to your stomach. In your stomach, it meets up with hydrochloric acid that breaks it down into a pulp-like substance. Your stomach then contracts and sends it into your small intestines, where vitamins and nutrients are extracted. It continues down the intestines into the large intestines. The large intestines continue to pull liquid out of the feces. Once the feces is through the large intestines, it waits at the bottom, in your rectum, until you make a bowel movement.
After food has been passed through the small intestine, it enters the large intestine, or colon.

The large intestine absorbs water from the bolus and stores feces until it can be egested. Food products that cannot go through the villi such as cellulose (dietary fiber), are mixed with other waste products from the body and become hard and concentrated feces (aka poop) The feces is stored in the rectum for a certain period and then the stored feces is eliminated from the body due to the contraction and relaxation through the anus. The exit of this waste material is regulated by the anal sphincter.

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