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The same as everywhere else in the world.

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How do urban areas compare to rural areas?

The temperatures in urban areas are warmer than rural areas.

What is the difference between semi-urban areas and rural areas?

The difference between semi-urban areas and rural areas is the development of the geographic area and environment. A semi-urban area is between urban and rural, or partly urban. Rural areas are located outside towns and cities.

Is Venezuela urban or rural?

Venezuela has both urban and rural areas, but it is predominantly urban. About 1 million people live in rural areas in Venezuela.

Is Hawaii urban or rural?

Hawaii has both urban and rural areas.

Is Europe rural or urban?

Europe has both rural and urban areas. The majority of Europeans live in urban areas, however, the majority of Europe's land is rural.

What is urban rural?

Urban areas are the developed cities of any country, whereas rural areas are undeveloped and underdeveloped areas. In Urban areas there are more opportunities than rural area in terms of employment and investment.

Which is better than urban areas and rural areas?

Urban areas is better than rural areas because in urban areas there are proper roads,schools,hospitals and clean water

What is Urban-rural migration and urban poverty?

Urban-rural migration simply refers to the movement of people from urban areas to rural areas. In recent times, rural to urban migration has become more common, as more people move to urban areas in search of jobs. Urban poverty simply refers to the poverty people living in urban areas experience.

Did the rural electrification administration provide electricity to urban areas?

False! The Rural Electrification Administration provided electricity to rural areas. Not urban.

How do people in urban and suburban areas depend on rural communities?

People from urban and rural areas both depend on each other. Rural provides the raw materials to the urban areas and urban areas provide the finished products to the rural areas. For example:- A dweller in the city with a low income might depend on seasonal farm of rural areas and could also take support from people in rural areas to look after his family or children. Also the people in rural areas might support their living from the money that a migrant relative earns in urban areas.

What is rural to urban migration?

is the migration in which people are moving from rural areas to urban areas,which can be temporary or permanent migration

Is dominican republic considered to be rural urban or suburban?

Urban and Rural, but all the cities are urban areas. The country skirts are rural.

What do urban and rural areas mean?

Urban areas are another word for a city. Rural areas are another way of saying the country side.

Is Bolivia urban or rural?

It is a country. So it no doubt has both urban and rural areas.

Do people of Colombia live in rural or urban areas?

they live in rural & urban life.

Are beaches urban suburban or rural?

Beaches can be found in urban, suburban and rural areas.

How can the government reduce the flow of people from rural areas to urban areas?

by just establishing facilities in rural areas....providing them everything that is available in urban areas..

Do most people live in urban or rural areas in Germany?

Urban areas

What percentage of the people live in urban and rural areas in Venezuela?

Urban areas

Do most people in cuba live in urban areas or rural areas?


Do more people in China live in urban or rural areas in China?

Approximately 70% of the Chinese population live in rural areas, with 30% in urban areas. The number in urban areas is, however, growing.

Do most Indonesians live in rural or urban areas?


How an area is converted from rural area to urban area?

Expansion of building estates will change adjacent rural areas into urban areas.

Is Costa Rica urban or rural?

There are both urban and rural areas in Costa Rica. The Central Valley includes the four largest urban concentrations, while the areas on the North and South of the country have smaller cities and rural areas.

Is Scotland urban or rural?

Most of the towns and cities are urban, large areas of the countryside are rural.