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It is completely different: we play football; they play soccer.

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Q: How is football different from the US in Mexico?
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Is football in Mexico soccer in the US?

yes it is

Is Mexico different or similar to the US?


Is Mexico part of the US?

NO. Mexico and the US are two entirely different countries.

How is US and Mexico different?

they have different cultures and different languages.

Is Mexico considered a different country than the US?

Yes; Mexico is an independent country different than the US. There is however, a state known as NEW Mexico which belongs to the US.

What is Mexico's ecological footprint?

It's different from US's.

How is Mexico's education differ from the US?

different measuring

Why are Mexican soccer teams popular in the US?

Because football was more popular in mexico before it was in the US and they brought it over to the US.

Is Mexico studied different from the US and Canada?

Yes. Mexico is considered to be part of Latin America.

When was New Mexico Lobos football created?

New Mexico Lobos football was created in 1892.

Who is better at football out of South Africa and Mexico?

Mexico is.

How many different countries border the US?

Canada and Mexico - two

Is football a sport in Mexico?

Yes Football is a sport in Mexico. It has been like that since the 1900's.

When was New Mexico State Aggies football created?

New Mexico State Aggies football was created in 1893.

In what direction is Mexico from the US?

Mexico is south of the US. consequently the US is north of Mexico

How are Vietnam and India alike?

About as much as the US and Mexico; same continent but different nations.

How did Mexico constitution different from that of the us?

Eligible voters are required by law to vote in elections.

Is US south from Mexico?

No. The US is north of Mexico.

Who is the manager of Mexico's football team?

Mexican Football Federation (FEMEXFUT) from wikipedia

In which country is football most loved?


Do you call soccer football in Mexico?


What are the requirements for travel between Mexico and US?

It depends: Air From US to Mexico: passport From Mexico to US: passport AND visa Land From US to Mexico: ID and/or birth certificate From Mexico to US: passport AND visa

How many states touch Texas?

Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico on the US side of the border and three different States of Mexico.

When getting travel insurance for Mexico is it classed as part of the US?

Only if you mean "New Mexico". Otherwise, you will require a different kind of insurance.

How was US and Mexico were different after the war?

Mexico lost half its territory and the US gained access to the Pacific. Both countries lost thousands of men (mostly volunteers) and at least to this date, provided Mexicans with a good reason to distrust any US involvement with Mexico.