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Friction acts when there is contact between two or more objects.

Gravity acts on all objects with or without contact.

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Gravity and friction is different because gravity is the force of something thats going downward and friction is the force that is being pushed if touching the ground. For example, if you was to go skating the friction is the force that you applied between the skates and the ground.

Friction doesn't affect gravity. No matter how high or low the friction the gravity would always be the same on any planets. It is however, higher the gravity or force acting on the surface of friction would result to increasing of friction force.

they are not.they are exactly the same trolllol troll lol lol

'Gravictism'? (Formed from Gravity, Friction and Magnetism)

It involves pushing, gravity, and friction.

Gravity, Friction and Air Resistance. Friction is trying to slow you down Gravity is pulling you towards the bottom of the hill Air resistance is trying to keep you on the hill

The relationship with gravity and friction is that when an item is being pushed by gravity on an inclined plane, friction slows down the item while gravity is still using the same amount of force, even when friction is slowing down an item. These two forces are acting on the item at the same time, which causes a relationship with gravity and friction.

Friction has 100% nothing to do this the Earths orbit, its gravity and inertia.

no, both are different. gravity is the force that attracts the body towards the centre of the earth. but the friction is the resistive force which act against the motion of body and helps us to grip and stop.

Friction and gravity affect your score, but not your skill.'Skill' is your ability to account for the effects of friction and gravity,while you plan the eventual outcome that you want to achieve.

No, friction is caused by the electrostatic attractions between atoms on contacting surfaces and physical surface irregularities. Gravity has no effect on friction.

Yes, since friction is independent of gravity.

friction is a reaction beetween matter and gravity

Gravity, friction lacks the shear power that gravity has and wouldn't stand a chance.

my dear gravity is forever greater than friction and strong atomic force is greater than gravity

Friction: Your car tires against the ground Gravity: An apple falling from a tree on to you head

the ground and gravity level has the catipillar friction

No, friction is a force. Gravity is the force that pulls matter to the centre of the earth. Friction is the heat between two objects pressed and rubbed together

FRICTION is the energy generated when two bodies have some physical interaction with each other. GRAVITY is the force of a mass which pulls an object towards its center. *Friction produces heat but not Gravity

With a fixed mass, if you say double the acceleration due to gravity, you would have to double the force to overcome friction.

Friction - several different kinds - and inertia. If riding uphill, also gravity.

i think it is the gravityand the existence of atmosphere which is a cause of friction since there is no gravity on space that is why there is no friction

yes it is, because for instance if someone was on a slide and they were not moving gravity would help them to move but friction will not help them move so gravity is stronger

No, friction is the force between to objects created by gravity.

Friction. Gravity is what keeps you on the ground, Friction is a force that applies to any 2 sliding objects.

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