How is hemotherapy necessary?

In hemotherapy as originally performed, (today very modern methods are used to treat cancerpatients with hemotherapy) and still is practised today.
The doctor will extract about 10 ml of your blood after which the blood is injected into muscles, usually spread out over the body.

The immunesystem will see the blood as a foreign invader and start fighting back, highering up the immunesystem with 500%. After some days the immunesystem will return to normal.

Before the advent of penicillin and antibiotics, hemotherapy was widely used in hospitals prior to an operation, to stop the patient developing infections.

There could not be a cheaper or more natural treatment.

In the USA researchers have tested and used hemotherapy with cancerpatients, but here the blood is taken through a device that treats it with ozone. Normally ozone would be lethal if we were exposed to it.

Hemotherapy is also known as the magic shot.