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Because solar energy runs the water cycle, giving rise to precipitation, and then the rain water flows into the reservoirs of dams.

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Q: How is hydroelectric power an indirect form of solar energy?
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What are the antonyms for hydroelectric power?

solar energy

What renewable energy sources are actually indirect forms of solar energy?

All renewable energy sources are indirect forms of solar energy except geothermal (heat from the earth's centre).Indirect Forms of Solar EnergySolar powerHydro powerTidal powerWave powerWind powerBiofuelBiogas and biodieselBiomass (vegetation).

Is sun and water solar energy?

Sunshine is direct solar energy, hydroelectric (water) is indirect solar energy because the Sun's heat caused the rain which deposits water into mountain lakes at a high level so it can be used for hydroelectric generators.

What things are alternative energy sources?

Solar power, wind power, hydroelectric power, nucleur energy.

What type of energy will not run out?

Wind power, hydroelectric power (water power), and solar power.

What are renewabel energy?

Renewable energy can be created by solar, wind, tides, and hydroelectric power.

What are two examples of renewable resource?

Hydroelectric power and solar energy.

Who is the leader of geothermal energy?

wind, solar, nuclear power, hydroelectric

What is the most widely source of renewable energy in the world today?

hydroelectric power or solar energy

What are three alternative energy sources to fossil fuels?

solar power, hydroelectric and wind power.

What are the alternative sources used to provide energy?

solar power , wind power , nuclear power , hydroelectric , tidal power , biomass energy .

What are some nonpolluting sources of energy?

Wind, solar, and hydroelectric power. All kinds of renewable energy.

Why is hydroelectric power generation an indirect form of solar power?

Direct solar power generation is when sunlight is used to heat something or to generate electricity directly (e.g. using a solar panel)Once you understand the above you will see that hydroelectric power is obtained when water from a high elevation moves through a turbine to a lower elevation - the energy used is gravity (potential and kinetic energy). However if you think about it what gets the water up in the high river or lake in the first place - the energy that does this is the heat form the sun evaporating the water which forms into cloud then comes down as rain. Therefore although the hydro electrical energy is gravity driven we are in fact using the energy that came form the sun (that raised the water) with hydroelectric power but this energy comes to us in an indirect path from the initial sunlight.

What are the five alternative energy resources?

SolarWind PowerGeothermalTidesHydroelectric

What are some examples of alternative energy?

Wind power, solar panels, hydroelectric, etc.

Other energy sources?

There are many great energy sources other than wind turbines. There is hydroelectric power and solar power.

What is the difference between hydroelectric energy and solar energy?

Solar energy is generated using solar panels that face the sun and gather the energy. Hydroelectric energy is generated by rushing water. The intense pressure creates a large amount of energy. Basically, solar energy uses the sun, and hydroelectric energy uses water.

What are alternatives for coal gas etc?

kkgu hydroelectric power geothermal wave solar energy

How can Russia restore their solar power without having to pay up more?

Hydroelectric energy is the most resourceful renewable energy used in Russia. Solar energy (which has some potential) should not only compete with hydroelectric energy, but also with other solar energy companies. Commercial competition in the consumer solar energy markets will forcefully bring the prices of solar panels down.

How many ways can solar energy be converted into electricity?

Solar photo voltaic cells - 4 types Solar thermal energy including molten salt storage for full time power Concentrated solar power Solar tower Wind and wave power is indirect solar power.

What types of energy are used at home?

Hydroelectric power (from a dam), nuclear energy, solar power and wind power generate electricity. Natural gas is used for heating. Solar (the sun) can produce heat and electricity.

Lots of types of energy?


What are some natural sources of energy?

There are many natural sources of energy, some of them are: wind power, solar energy, geothermal energy, hydroelectric power, biofuels, natural gas and nuclear energy.

What alternative souces of energy are available?

The five sources of energy are solar, nuclear, wind, hydroelectric and fossil fuels. Nowadays there are five energy sources: fossil fuels, nuclear, wind, hydroelectric amd solar. The alternative sources are solar, wind and hydroelectric.