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How is hydrogen used today?

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I'm sure there are many uses, but the ones of which I am aware include: as a fuel, and in the "hydrogenation" of edible oils to prevent oxidation [going "rancid"] and to ammend the characteristics of the oil's effects on food products.

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Why isn't hydrogen used today?

Hydrogen is used today; it is one of the most important products of the chemical industry.

Are hydrogen cars used today?

Only in experiments.

Is the hydrogen bomb still used today?


How is hydrogen used?

hydrogen is used for carsHydrogen is also used for air crafts and to power buildingsAnswer # 2History tells us that Hydrogen gas was used for lifting in balloons, today they are using Nickel hydrogen in batteries.Please see related link below!

Why isn't hydrogen commonly used as a fuel today?

Hydrogen is not as powerful by far is very very very reactive.

Does hydrogen peroxide help psoriasis?

today is the first day I used hydrogen peroxide. I will keep you posted this week if it works.

Why airships today safer than in the past?

because hydrogen used to be in those airships and since hydrogen is flammable it was very dangerous

What was hydrogen used for?

It was used for making cars run more smoothly in the olden days even though it is still used today.

Can water be used as fuel in internal combustion engine?

Today - no. But they are working on it. If they can find a way to efficiently separate the hydrogen from the oxygen you can run a vehicle on the hydrogen.

Why is hydrogen no longer used in air-ships today?

Because it's considered too flammable.

Is Hydrogen gas lighter than air or heavier than air?

Hydrogen is lighter. This is why balloons rise, they have hydrogen in them.____Hydrogen is lighter than air, and has been used in large balloons in the past (such as the Hindenburg). However, Helium is also lighter than air, and is what is used in most balloons today, since it is not flammable.

How is hydrogen is used for in the world?

How is hydrogen is used for in the world?

Has hydrogen fuel cells been used as energy yet?

Hydrogen fuel cells powered the Apollo space craft of the 1960's. They're also used today as large power plants for rural areas

Why isn't hydrogen used to fill balloons today?

Because it is much more flammable than helium. The Hindenburg disaster was caused by its hydrogen catching fire and burning the entire airship.

What symbol is used for hydrogen?

H is used for a hydrogen atom, while hydrogen as gas consists of hydrogen molecules: H2

What is hydrogen iodide used for?

hydrogen iodide is used in methanphetamine

How do you use hydrogen bombs today?

we dont

Can hydrogen be used everyday?

Hydrogen is always used, so yes, it can be used everyday.

What is hydrogen used to do?

Hydrogen is used in many things. For example It is used as rocket fuel.

What can hydrogen be used for?

Hydrogen can be used for powering vehicles,and powering buildings.

Why is hydrogen used in metallurgy?

As hydrogen is a reducing agent it is used in metallurgy

What are three isotopes of H?

Hydrogen has different names that are in common usage today. Hydrogen-2 is called deuterium. Hydrogen-3 is usually called tritium. The symbols D and T are used fro deuterium and tritium instead of 2H and 3H.

Is there research on hydrogen powered cars nowadays?

yes, for sure. hydrogen cars are created today.

How does hydrogen power help the environment?

The use of hydrogen fuel decreases the pollution caused by the carbon based fuels used today and also hydrogen is a renewable source and available in large quantity on the earth. The hydrogen combustion can produce water as waste which will be beneficial to humans as an environmental point of view.

What type of hydrogen is used in hydrogen car?

Compressed gaseous hydrogen.