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All organic compounds contain carbon; most inorganic compounds doesn't contain carbon.


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Basically, organic compounds have carbon. Inorganic do not.

Basically, organic compounds have carbon. Inorganic do not

Do you mean how is an organic compound different from an inorganic compound? If so, an organic compound has carbon, an inorganic compound does not need to have carbon.

Rock is inorganic, not organic.

The difference between organic polymers and inorganic polymers is that organic polymers are way different from inorganic polymers they're complete opposites!!

A vegetable being organic or inorganic can be interpreted two different ways. In Science, vegetables are organic because they contain Carbon. In farming, vegetables can be organic if they are not grown with pesticides, and they can be inorganic if they are grown with pesticides.

could be inorganic or organic

the inorganic is a water molecules or up down

Yes.There is organic matter and inorganic matter. Everything is chemical.

For example organic or inorganic compounds.

Organic compounds are different from Inorganic compounds in having Carbon.Wood is purely organic,since it has carbon.

Usually it is inorganic but there are circumstances where it can be organic.

they are both organic and inorganic

Inorganic. If it was organic it would have to have a Carbon in it.

organic materials dissolve in organic solvents inorganic materials dissolve in inorganic solvents

Organic compounds contain carbon bonded to hydrogen. Inorganic compounds do not.Also carbon will be bonded covalently to other elements in organic compounds

Water is an inorganic substance with the molecular formula H2O. Elements are not inorganic or organic. It is the compounds made from elements that are either inorganic or organic.

Inorganic. Organic compounds contain Carbon.

Basically, organic compounds have carbon. Inorganic do not.

contains both organic and inorganic compounds.

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