How is it dangerous to hold going to the bathroom?

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It is quite dangerous to hold going to the bathroom because you could be more likely to get several types of bladder infections from urine that is held for a long period of time. You are also more likely to have bathroom accidents from holding urine.
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Why do cats go to the bathroom?

Answer . This is easy! Cats go to the bathroom, for the same reason humans go to the bathroom!. They drink and eat, and finally they have to just let it all out to make room for the new food and drink.. Most cats go to the toilet in a little box with newspaper or other stuff in it. It is called ( Full Answer )

Why do you go to the bathroom?

You go to the bathroom for several main reasons. First off, youneed to relieve yourself by either urinating or having a bowelmovement, so you can clean out your body of the toxins. Some people also to the bathroom to vomit, again to remove toxins;but in that case them not being able to stomach somet ( Full Answer )

How do you go to the bathroom?

How do I personally? Well...when i want to urinate :) I go into the restroom close the door while turning on a light if needed. Walk to the toilet; while standing and facing the toilet bowl, clear the path for my urine to enter into the toilet. Then I relax and urinate into the center of the toilet ( Full Answer )

How often do dogs go to the bathroom?

thats up to you. ow often do you feed your dog. or if itts a puppy it will have to go like every 30 minutes., if its a grown dog, like every two hours. dont forget dogs can get uti's to ,

How do people go to the bathroom?

step one: feel you need to go step two:move cautiosly to bathroom step three:open door of bathroom step four:turn the light on step five:raise the top off step six:take of pants/shorts/etc. step seven:sit down step eight:wait step nine:PUSHHH! step ten:when you are sure you are done, wipe with toile ( Full Answer )

How do jellyfish go to the bathroom?

Jellies are carnivorous, feeding on plankton, crustaceans, fisheggs, small fish and other jellyfish, ingesting and voiding throughthe same hole in the middle of the bell.

Where do fleas go to the bathroom?

After they they feast on the host, they go to the bathroom, & the droppings look like little black specks. Or they they just go wherever they're at. Hope this helps. . Dominique, an 11-year old girl

Are bathroom mushrooms dangerous?

I would not eat anything that grew in my bathroom. Ickk. Mushrooms are as safe as the spores they were grown from and the environment they were grown in.

How do you go to bathroom?

1. Find a bathroom 2. walk towards the toliet 3. pull down your pants and do your thing! YAY!!! You now know how to go the bathroom! By the way.......don't forget to wash your hands!

Why do you have to go to the bathroom?

Yo u have to go to the bathroom because it flushes out your system so if you didn't go to the bathroom you would be likely to get an infection where you would have to go to the bathroom 24/7 and if you don't go to the bathroom its going to be pushing down on your bladder and that's another way to ge ( Full Answer )

Is it safe to hold it in when you have to go to the bathroom?

Have you ever had to go to the bathroom while sitting in class and the teacher wouldn't let you go? If you answered "yes", then read on! Using the bathroom is something that we all gotta do. In fact, it is a basic human need like eating, breathing and sleeping that keeps us alive and healthy. Yet, ( Full Answer )

What is the amount of water a bathroom sink holds?

There is no one answer to this question. Sinks vary. Mine will hold just over a gallon before going out an overflow drain; some bathroom sinks do not have such a thing.

Is it dangerous to have the radio on in the bathroom?

DO NOT USE ANYTHING CONNECTED TO MAINS ELECTRICITY IN THE BATHROOM. This includes anything connected to the mains via a low voltage power supply. However, a radio powered only by its own batteries should not hurt you, although the radio may be seriously damaged by water or steam.

What do you do if you go to the bathroom but you cant go?

If you feel like you need to go to the bathroom, But don't go, Don't worry about it because it might just mean your stomach hurts, Or is gonna hurt. It also could mean that the poo or pee isn't ready to come out. Or you just haven't ate anything in a while. It does not damage, Or cause anything bad. ( Full Answer )

How do you hold your pee when there is no bathroom?

just dont pay attention to your bladder. if your a guy its easy if not its more challenging. if your a man you get a cloth or bandana and put it on your p e nis. then put a rubber band around it then the pee is forced to stay in. take the rubber band off every 5 minutes and put it back on is 5 minut ( Full Answer )

Does sonic go to the bathroom?

i think sonic goes to the bathroom at some point. the reason i saythis is because in sonic lost world he says he is going to take along steamy shower, this makes me think that he will go to thebathroom.

Why do animals go to the bathroom on logs?

only male animals go to the bathroom on logs. Males are generally created competitively, and they mark their territory on logs, because of power. Spraying on a tree or something similar makes the scent more noticeable than if they simply peed on the ground, where it will soak in and disappear.

Do whales go to the bathroom?

All living beings "go to the bathroom." All living beings must eat and then the body gets rid of it. Whales poop and pee just like everybody else. All living things do not go to the bathroom , a giraffe would not get in, they urinate and defecate in their own environment and the dung beetles do t ( Full Answer )

How do penguins go to the bathroom?

first,you go to the EPF. then,finish the mission operation spy seek. after that,your gift will be a toilet. then,place it some were in your igloo then,the real answer is.................... sit on it!

How do you go to the bathroom in Antarctica?

Private toilet habits are accommodated either behind shelter or inthe open in field camps. All human waste is gathered, stored andshipped back to the country supporting the field camp. In a research station, human waste can be drained into open wateror captured in barrels. Frozen liquid human waste ( Full Answer )

How do you go bathroom?

girls go in the bathroom they go to the back pick a stall and lock it there is a toilet in front of you then turn around unbutton your pants and unzip your pants then you pull your pants down then pull your panties down

Where do pet pigs go to the bathroom?

Pigs are very clean animals despite their reputation. They choose a spot away from their food and beds and that is where they go. I had a pot belly pig and he had one spot.

Can people who are paralysed go to the bathroom?

But most paralyzed persons need to do intermittent cath (inserting a tube into the urethra to the bladder) or use an indwelling catheter (one that is always in place, emptied daily, and changed once a month). Intermittent is used if the person lost use of legs. Indwelling is used if the person lost ( Full Answer )

Do caterpillars go to the bathroom?

Yes, anything that is an animal has to go to the toilet, but they don't go to the bathroom to do it, they just dump their waste wherever they please.

Why do women go into mens bathrooms?

to clean them, to inspect them, to repair the plumbing (yes, there are female plumbers) and to use the facilities when the women's room is out of service or otherwise unavailable.

Will you go to the bathroom with me?

Yes. I am sure to help people with disability going to bathroom. Helping them is the prime responsibility of every human.

Do monkeys go to the bathroom?

All animals eat. All animals excrete waste from what they eat. A monkey can be trained to use an actual bathroom or toilet, but its rare and most domesticated monkeys are simply trained to wear a diaper like a baby. In the wild, the entire woods are the bathroom.

Where do bedbugs go to the bathroom?

Anywhere and everywhere. One of the ways an infestation is identified is by finding the fecal matter of bed bugs. The areas in which they hide are usually denoted by blood stains, fecal matter, and cast skins.

Who do you go to the bathroom with?

You don't need to go to the bathroom with someone, But if you need help, Or are scared, Or have any issue or problems, Then yes, You can go to the bathroom with someone. Make sure to not go to the bathroom with a stranger, Only someone you know. Usually this might happen at a mall. Or a restraunt. I ( Full Answer )

Why does your dog go to the bathroom inside?

Your dog is probably just trying to make everyone know that it is top dog by going to the bathroom inside. (please tell me where did it go to the bathroom and that would help me get more information on it.) If you really want to learn about this behavior there is a show called it's me or the dog tha ( Full Answer )

Can a heater in a bathroom be dangerous?

Possibly. If it's a hot water radiator part of your home heating network, then no worries. If it is an electric heater, you run the risk of shorting the heater if the internals get wet. This damages the heater and can cause a shock. If you have a GFI plug in the bathroom (a plug with a little rese ( Full Answer )