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It is not likely that pregnancy will occur when using a condom. Condoms prevent pregnancy 96 - 98% of the time.

Pregnancy can occur on some occasions when using a condom if the condom has a small hole and semen leaks into the vagina. Or, more severely, if the condom splits completely.

STDs are transferred by the exchange of bodily fluid, so when vaginal secretion enters the hole on the head of the penis or is absorbed by the head of the penis, or when semen is deposited in the vagina and absorbed in the vaginal walls into the blood. The penis can leak semen before ejaculation, so ejaculation does not have to occur in order to transfer an STD from male to female.

So, the probability of pregnancy occurring whilst using a condom is less than the probability of transferring an STD. This is because if the condom fails, the STD will probably be transferred. But, even if semen is deposited in the vagina, pregnancy is not certain, as this can depend on the stage of the female in her menstrual cycle.

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STDs are more likely than pregnancy.STD

Yes it is perfectly safe to use a condom while pregnant. as a mater of fact it is safer as it reduces the rick of picking up an STD.

There is a chance that you could become pregnant from sperm in the condom or that you contracted an STD from the fluids in the condom. Additionally, bacteria from the condom could have grown and infected you with something.

use a condom and decrease the risk of std which are very much more common than pregnancy

You can get pregnant if you have a STD.

it is certainly possible, but it is more likely that the condom's spermicide is irritating the urethrae. This happens to me all the time, if it persists for more than 24 hrs get checked.

It is possible but not very likely.If you tear the skinYes, it is possible to get a STD by using an infected persons razor. The longer it is after the infected persons use until your use, the less likely a STD could be transferred.

There is a low probability that you are pregnant, but there is always a chance. Pre-ejaculate (precum) can contain sperm. If the condom broke, there is a chance that it could have entered your vagina. Even though the odds are that you most likely are not pregnant, see your doctor for a pregnancy test, and STD screening (since the condom broke).

You can get a STD and pregnant at the same time.

you can but i heard every time you contract and STD your chances go down 25%. also after contracting an STD theres a chance of getting PID which causes fertilty as far as to my knowledge your chances are still almost as good as anyone else to get pregnant.More than likely you will be able to get pregnant after you had a STD.Sweety, you can get pregant during after before whenever only if it has something to do with your ovulation or something like that then that's when you might not be able to don't worry sweety you can bring anything in this world!!More than likely you can still get pregnant after having a STD.Depending on the STD, you probably can still get pregnant.Yes, being pregnant and having an STD is two different things sweetheart and being that you do have an STD you should use protection so that your partner doesnt get it or you don't get another one its for your safety sweety.More than likely, yes, you can still have a kid if you had a STD or STI (but it needs to be treated first).Most likely you will still be able to have a baby.

Yes. STDs are transferred mainly through bodily fluids. Holes in condoms will allow fluid exchange, hence there is a possibility for getting an STD.

If a sperm cell enters the uterus and meets a ovum,you will become pregnant You are also exposing yourself to the risk of becoming infected with an STD.

It is possible, but not likely to catch a STD in this manner.

Yes it will protect you from a STD.

Only if he has a STD and not wearing a condom.

It only means that he don't think you'll give him a STD, and that he wouldn't mind(doesn't care if you'd get pregnant.

There is no known percentage for definate. if you use a condom then there is roughly a 5% change of getting pregnant, where as if you use no protection or contraception, the risk is considerably high. if you dont want to become pregnant you may want to consider birth control, and also without a condom you run the risk or catching an STI or STD.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but yes it is possible. Especially if there was sperm in the condom. But think of it this way, the male genitals were in contact with the condom and whatever disease he may have could spread from the condom into the vagina. It also depends how long it was stuck i there too. The longer it was in there, the more at risk you are. All the best.

Yes, you can. The only way the condom protects from STD's is by forming a barrier between each partner. So if the condom breaks, or if fluids leak out, then any bodily fluids from a person who does have an STD will probably infect the other person too. If this is the case, then the person who did not previously have an STD needs to see their doctor ASAP.

It is not likely for a STD to be misdiagnosed.

There is no definite yes or no answer to your question. You can only become pregnant when you ovulate. It is unlikely that you ovulated as soon as 5 days after the completion of your period. Also, it is unlikely that a woman can become pregnant unless the man ejaculates without protection inside the vagina. However it is possible that the preejaculation that acts as a lubrication could contain viable sperm. It is more likely that you are not pregnant, but it is possible. i would be more worried about an std

It very unlikely but not imposible.

It is NOT likely to be a STD.

If you have a STD and doesn wear a condom you can give it to yopur partner and if it drips down to the vagina, if you are doing it with a woman, she can get pregnant. It will drip out of the anus and some wants to rinse it out.