How is it possible that you are related to monkeys?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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First of all, no one is related to a monkey by blood even if we act like it! God did not make monkeys to turn into Humans but monkeys are just creatures even though they are very smart. If monkeys turn into Humans, then why are there so many monkeys still around and why aren't they turning into Humans. They will never turn into Humans because God has a plan for them and he has a specific plan for us too... to teach other about Him.

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Q: How is it possible that you are related to monkeys?
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What animal is the Woolly Spider Monkey related to?

They are related to Spider monkeys and Woolly monkeys.

Are you related to monkeys?


What are monkeys related to?

The simplistic answer would be 'Related to all living things'. Monkeys are fairly closely related to human beings.

How are Monkeys related to humans?

Humans are related to monkeys because a primate mated to another type of species of primate and created humans. Therefore, we are related to monkeys genetically, though we are very distantly related to monkeys. And as you may guess, we too are primates. For more information, research about primates and how humans evolved.

Do you think that apes are more closely related to old world monkeys or to new world monkeys?

Apes are more closely related to Old World Monkeys.

Who are monkeys related to?


Are monkeys and apes related?


Are all monkeys related?


Who is related to apes?

Apes are related to monkeys i think.

Is monkeys related to humans?

Yes but chimps are closer related.

Are monkeys related to dinosaurs?

No. There was no animal that vaguely resembled a human at all. Mammals that lived at the time of the dinosaurs were small, shrew-like animals :) But monkeys are awesome.

What do monkeys have to do with science?

By using monkeys, scientists can find out more about primates and the evolution of humans (cause monkeys are related to humans).