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How is it possible to connect 3 networks wirelessly?


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One may utilize a simple repeater setup to do so or one may utilize more sophisticated solutions like a wireless distribution system (WDS) or one of the different mesh routing protocols like OLSR for example.


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The PlayStation 3 can use either a CAT-5 cable or can connect wirelessly. Typically, it's done wirelessly.

router is a layer 3 device ,which is used to connect different networks.

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If they both have wireless (Airport) cards, just set up one to accept wireless connections in the network and sharing control panels. do this by: 1. with one of the macs, create a network. 2. with the other, search for wireless networks and find the one that was created. 3. chose that network to connect the two macs

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For two or more connected networks you can use a bridgeto connect them all together.It depends on the two networks. A bridge can only connect two networks of the same type (eg Ethernet or Token-Ring), that also use the same layer 3 network address (eg IP subnet or IPX network #, or AppleTalk network #).A "gateway" device can connect two dissimilar types that share a network address, and a router can connect two networks of different network addresses whether or not they have the same network type.

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1. Your Computer may come with internet. 2. You can buy and connect your computer to a modem. 3. You can use a telephone as a modem. 4. You can connect a wireless thing (I dont know what it is but you can connect it to the USB on your computer anywhere, wirelessly). 5. You can hook your cell phone up to the USB for a modem.

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Yes, it is possible to connect the 3 access point with each other. This is because of the availability of the repeating and bridging options in the three access points.

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It depends on model. Some modems come with a wireless router. If yours has wireless interface, you will able to connect your computers wirelessly. Usually what you have is a modem with one LAN port. If you want to connect your 3 computers to the same modem you need to get a wireless router. It will allow you to connect your computers using wireless or cable. Switch in such case might not work because of internet provider policy.

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If you have internet service and the WiFi modem or router

how can i get my ssid code to connect to my playstation 3.

Let's assume you have a laptop and you want to connect it to a wireless ruoter. here are the easy steps: 1. Let's hope you have setup the wireless router. Begin by starting up the device you'll be using to connect wirelessly to the router. Now you'll want to plug in the wifi card or you can enable the built in wifi card on your device. 2. You will be prompted to install rivers for the device. To install, load them from the installation disc that comes with your WIFI card. 3. Double cick connection icon which is at the bottom of the screen to the right in the system tray. 4. Select Properties. 5. Click "Wireless Networks" Tab. 6. If you are not able to find your WIFI network in the "Available Networks" section, then select configure. 7. Type in your network's WEP key and SSID. 8. Click on the Windows "Start" menu at the bottom left of your screen. Select "Connect to" and then click on "Wireless Network Connection" That's it. You should now be able to connect and use the wireless network. Happy to help you.

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One must have a videocard(s) capable of outputting to 3 monitors. There should be enough ports to connect to the 3 monitors

Nowadays most mobile phone networks will offer you at least 3 phone options. Some of the most familiar networks that offer 3 or more phone options are Sprint, AT&T, Virgin Mobil among others.

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